Why TuteeHUB Exists?

TuteeHUB is a novel platform engineered by VcareAll Solution Pvt. Ltd services. It caters to the academic and business & employment needs of Students, Corporate Employers, Campuses and Jobseekers alike. This platform provides easy access to students for their career growth. It helps to educate, enable and mentor fresh talented minds for the corporate world. TuteeHUB provides avenues for Corporate Employers to directly asses and recruit the right talent from campus. TuteeHUB boasts of state of the art intelligent assessment systems and expertise resulting in an overall efficient and cost effective recruitment experience


TuteeHUB aims to become a habitat of services and talent, nurtured to act as a medium of change in spheres of Education and Employment. And to keep growing and inventing, unlocking wealth of opportunities for all.


"Why Choose TuteeHUB?"

The traditional approaches to “Finding the right job or the right talent” are still cumbersome, costly, resource intensive and often inefficient despite use of technology. TuteeHUB integrates and improves upon different aspects of Talent Development and Recruitment in revolutionary ways. The platform connects Campus Talent with relevant development and Employment options. And its Core Intelligent Process flow enables, cost effective and hassle free recruitment experience. TuteeHUB services can be easily customized, personalized, adapted to meet the needs of the any skill set, industry and compliance norms.

The benefits for students and corporates are as follows:




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