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3 skills you must acquire with an MBA

3 skills you must acquire with an MBA
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With increasing number of MBAs entering job market each year, finding a quality job is and issue. Education system alone cannot be blamed for the huge gap in demand and supply of skilled workforce. While you cannot change the education system of the country, you can certainly work on improving your own skill set for securing a well paid job.  Here are few things you can do to grab a launchpad to your corporate career:

Go Practical

The biggest complaint with present MBA curriculum is the lack of practical exposure. While most of the B-schools around the country focus on teaching pedagogy involving case studies, presentations etc, what is really lacking is practical work experience. Get as much insight into corporate working as you can. Internship is the biggest opportunity for doing so. Make most out of it. Choose an internship in your field of interest and try to learn maximum in these two months. Along with internships, pick up all live industrial projects, capstone projects and other industrial assignments that you can. They might make your days tough, they will help you in multiple ways:

  • Getting reference and endorsements on your CV

  • Making you more professional

  • Extra earning

  • Understanding of the real corporate setup

Do something Extra

Everyone cribs about the faulty education system; it will not get you a better job. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, do some extra effort. Online and offline courses and certifications can be of great help. Every specialization has such certifications and softwares which are in huge demand in industry and their knowledge will definitely help. Start from the good old MS Excel, whose proficiency is must. Some others include business analytics, SAP, digital marketing etc. Most of them can be learnt free of cost with the help of Youtube tutorials. However, a professional certification is always an advantage.

Be Aware

Another very small but important skill which is required by the employers is being aware. This is so obvious that it is generally overlooked by the students. Inculcate the habit of reading news and current affairs, especially those related to your area of interest. Apps like inshorts can be of great help in this case to keep you updated on the important happenings. While your job might not need you to be a quizmaster, but no company would like to be represented by somebody who’s not aware about his surroundings and important updates on industry.

There is a huge potential for employment after completing an MBA. However, you should be able to stand out from the crowd. These skills might not be a guarantee for a job, but they will ensure that potential employers will definitely give a second look at your CV which is a stepping stone to the glamorous career.

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