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A Planned approach towards Job Search

A Planned approach towards Job Search
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Job Search is perhaps the most crucial activity in your Career Development Journey. Careful planning and approach towards it will direct you towards a successful Professional career. So whether you just finished college or just thinking of changing jobs, consider the following key elements for a successful Job Search:

What is your Dream Job?

The first and foremost thing to do would be for you to pen down what is your dream job. What are your expectations from this job? What expectations do you have from the industry you seek employment in? What you expect as starting salary and other benefits? What locations you can work from?  These thinking points will give you a realistic picture of what you want and get your focus on the next step.

Identify Potential Employers

Research online, Dig into Job Search Portals and talk to your network of friends, family and co-worker and come up with a list of 25+ organizations where you can be potentially employed. This narrow list of potential employers will help you focus all your Resume creation, Job Application and Interview preparation efforts customized to suit this group.

Social Media Cleanup and Resume Management

The next thing to do is to visit all your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) and get rid of any material/posts/images that may negatively dent your Professional image. To be more specific, no images or videos of you drunk or any extreme political or social posts should come up in a public search. Many organizations these days are very sensitive towards their Public Image and want to avoid controversy as well as getting associated with controversial people.

 Create a LinkedIn Page/Review and Revise its content carefully as it’s pretty much your online Resume. However, you still need to create a stellar Resume or update its content to impress Recruiters. 

Posting, Emailing and Reaching out

You’re now ready to open communication lines between you and Potential employers. So it’s time to Post your Resume on Job Sites, Email it to your Professional Network and to the target group of Potential Employers.

Patience is the key but not inactivity

It’s true that things won’t happen overnight.  Your efforts will take some time before to show tangible results. So you’ll have to be patient. You’ll have to believe in yourself and your abilities. But it’s not a restful phase. You need to be in an alert mode. Ready to grab any opportunity that comes your way. Answer any calls from Recruiters. Respond to any questions or queries. Send out Resumes and Apply as and when Jobs are posted. 

Don’t Compromise

Never settle for a job that’s different than what you had in mind. Don’t favour an opportunity simply because it pays more, sounds easy or is most popular among peers. Make your own decisions. It’s your life, your career and your 9 hours of life you’ll be spending every week on every workday.

Show confidence whenever you communicate. Be positive. Remember, good things eventually happen for those who wait. And good things happen quite sooner for those who never give up. 

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