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Beating Job Search Blues...

Beating Job Search Blues...
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Getting a job is a lengthy process. It is not uncommon to feel discouraged and dissatisfied. Self doubt enters your mind and clouds your judgement. You lose clear thought and positivity. Then it’s time to look at these thinking points. We feel these may help you.

Review your assets

Look at your Resume again. Understand the skill requirements being posted by the Employers. Is there something new you need to learn? Or you already have a skill but missed to mention it? Is your resume profile getting any views? Show it to another Professional, a friend for an opinion; compare it with contemporaries to understand if it needs to be tweaked.

Think outside your “line”

Consider changing your field or business line if you have the skills or can learn them, if there exist more lucrative opportunities. Again, bear in mind, consider it only if the new field interests you. Don’t do it because you’re feeling desperate or half hearted. Recruiters will sense it right away.

Volunteer, Socialize & connect with your network

You are sad. Feeling down and demoralized. But that’s only human. So involve and connect with the concept of sharing humanity to help yourself. Devote some time and effort for causes of helping your community. Visit relatives and friends, you ignored in your busy and pompous corporate life style. Remember, you can always turn to family and friends for any support.  

Stick to a routine

Create and stick to a healthy routine even when you don’t have a job, to stay fit mentally and physically. Don’t dedicate your entire day to Job search and night to self pity.

Limit time on Social Media

Social Media is full of people bragging about the stuff they have and showing off. You’ll end up feeling negative about your situation.

Think of ways to earn

Think how your skills, even the one you haven’t used in a long time can help you earn some money on the side. This income will help your finances and keep you engaged, positive and confident.

Remember, don’t give up. You’re not alone.  Your situation is not permanent. And always be alert and prepared. Chance favours the prepared mind.

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