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Better Time Management

Better Time Management
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Time is constantly moving but we refuse to move out from our comfort zones. We waste time by not managing it like any other resource and then complain there isn’t enough of it. Unless we learn to manage it smartly, there would never be enough of it ever.

Creating more time is not possible, but better time management is.

Before you can move forward with the ideas, concepts, and beliefs we will be explaining and sharing in this book, you must come to the conclusion that time management is indeed a worthwhile pursuit that will help you to change your life. It is from that premise that we are able to explore the thinking behind these ideas and the power with which embracing them will change and direct your focus. This is a shift that will happen over the next few weeks, assuming that you are ready and willing to do this work on yourself.

Know what’s Important

List those tasks which are important for you and your business. Then separate this along lines of:

Important and urgent

Important but not urgent

Not urgent and not important

Urgent but not important

Now focus on the Important and Urgent category and start doing them first. This gives you skills to better organize and effectively utilize your time. This is but the first step towards Better Time Management.

Plan in advance

As much as possible plan your week in advance for better time management. So you’ll already have an Idea of what needs to be addressed urgently and by when.

Share the Workload

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Enable subordinates and mentor those who display initiative to learn and share your workload.

Adequate mental relaxation

A tired mind will actually waste time and get distracted easily. So it's important to take breaks at regular intervals,for better time management. Don’t go without sleep for longer periods. Don’t try to multitask too often as that tires the mind faster. Studies have shown that multitasking has negligible impact on productivity and hugely dents quality of output.

Where has all the time gone?

Devote some time and effort towards doing either a “time and motion study” or a “time audit” to understand how much time is being used in which activity. This will help you to economize and optimize your productivity and save time.

Transforming To Do into Routines

It helps turning key routine tasks into habits. Once it becomes a habit, you do them efficiently despite monotony. Also, during a crisis, you’ll still perform as it’s a habit.


Set time limits on all your activities. This will provide focus and motivation towards completing tasks on or before deadline.

Explore Technology for Solutions

There are free tools like Google Calendar, Tasks, and Notes etc. available that work across devices for better time management. Be sure to be on the lookout for how technology can best provide you with time saving solutions.  

Group Tasks

As far as possible, group tasks which are similar or related. For instance answer your emails once a day and don’t get distracted by it all the time. If something’s urgent, ask the team to call you.

Distractions - An enemy of better time management

Allocate time for you to engage in Social Media interactions and Internet gaming. Outside of the said time, do not allow yourself to be distracted.

So let’s manage Time as it cannot be created but can be either carelessly wasted or efficiently utilized for maximum productivity.

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