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Career Advice to Get it on the Heights of Mountain

Career Advice to Get it on the Heights of Mountain
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Any professional career is hardly a straight line graph ever. There are highs and lows. Then there are pauses and real huge jumps too. The experience changes how you think professionally and personally. There can be no definitive set of guidelines or career advice to last, your entire career life. But here are some key notes that you should consider for excelling in your career.


It is important to remain positive by practising it like a habit of thought and belief. When you make it a habit, you’ll see opportunity where others see defeat. Right attitude matters a lot. Now, that’s a million dollar career advice.

Hard Work and Honesty

Try to be nice to others. Honesty and Hard work need no introduction. These qualities if present get noticed and you’ll be respected for them. Rewards will follow this trust and recognition. Quality of work talks louder than any piece of career advice.

Don’t let it pass

Prepare your mind and organize yourself to grab every opportunity. You’ll have an edge over the crowd that just keeps waiting for the right time but never ready when that moment arrives. Too much procrastination, less action and more seeking of career advice is never helpful.

Be a “Yes” Person

This doesn’t mean that you compromise on your values or degrade yourself in any way. It simply means to try and find ways to say “Yes” where you would have said no due to fear, lack of knowledge and skill, preparedness or competition.

Keep Fighting

You don’t always control the outcomes and may not even like them. But it’s important that you stand up for what you believe in. You should never give up even in the face of failure. Rethink your approach, analyse failure and come back to fight again.

Take Help

There’s no shame in asking for help. In fact it creates new bonds and relationships of trust. Help itself can be expected and extended in many forms, be it financial (like borrowing from friends) or educational (like seeking career advice from mentors).

* Key Career Advice: Project Confidence

Stand tall, smile and be polite, yet firm. Confidence should be visible in every aspect of your personality and communication. Put up a brave face, even if you’re nervous before a big event. Remember, it’s not only your confidence at stake but also of those who believe in you. Even though you may be nervous, of things going south, don’t fret too much over it. There’s always another day to live and fight.

Smart Work

Organize and prioritize your tasks and activities such that you are productive and efficient. Smart work is the new “hard work”. Planning and Time Management makes all the difference between success and failure.


Make real human connections even with your professional contacts. Remember, Life is not all about money and not everyone is after it either. Your relationships based on trust will propel your chances of professional success.

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