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Free Vs Paid - Buying Mock Practice Exams

Free Vs Paid - Buying Mock Practice Exams
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Have you ever wondered,"if there are so many websites offering tons of free practice tests, then why pay for it?"

Your point of view is totally understandable. Infact some of these exams are really good as ice breakers or for warmup. But once you get started, its vital to complete preparation with some expert curated paid exams. That would radically improve your chances in succeeding.

The Reasons for buying into "Paid Exams"

1. Knowledge should be periodically upgraded

Every few years there are changes in the Exam Content. The mock practice exams should be updated with these changes, otherwise they become obsolete/useless. Most of the free exams are not updated regularly but the paid exams are, simply due to dedicated paid resources, supporting their development and upkeep. You should not prepare for any exam from old & outdated content.

2. The Actual Exam Experience

Very few free exams provide real live simulation experience of the actual exam. The paid exam is conducted online, with identical conditions of the actual exam, thus a really gem for practicing. Before you appear in the actual Exam, you ideally should have practiced a few paid tests in the simulated environment, they provide.

3. Really Challenging & Difficult

Most free exams borrow content, often low quality from dubious sources. Its useless to attempt such exams. You should not do questions that everyone else is also doing. It offers no advantage over the other aspirants.

4. Multiple Sets - Complete Material

Very few free exams provide complete question sets. It is important that you do atleast two full length paid practice tests before sitting in the actual exam. This will help you assess your true skill and speed.

5. Feedback

Practise Mock Tests should be frequently revised and updated, not just in line with change in pattern or syllabus but also student feedback – This is not the case with free exams.

6. Expert Review

Free exams may have been created but are rarely reviewed by experts, either from the Academics or Industry. The chances of error in a paid practice exam are much less than a free exam.

7. Latest Pattern

The Mock Practice Exam should reflect the latest Exam Trends – something which the free exams don't quite follow. You won't become familiar with latest testing trends doing free tests only.

8. Precise Testing

The Mock Practise Exam should let you pick questions based on the specific Subject/Topic you're attempting to master. While there are few free exams that might have,content and quality, yet they do not provide this feature of picking/choosing specific knowledge items for testing. However, most of the popular paid Exams do have this functionality. Using this feature, you can practise and brush-up specific concepts to a higher degree.

9. In Depth Analytics

There is no use just practising, if you can't measure improvements and gauge shortcomings. Again,free exams do not offer this functionality. As you prepare for any Exam, you need to be able to accurately assess your strengths & weaknesses and check your progress. This is easliy managed by extensive score and performance reporting offered by the Paid Exams.

10. Worth The Cost

The paid exams are not really expensive when you look at the overall cost – The exam fees are huge and you get just one shot at it. Any classroom training or instructor led online training to prepare for the exam cost extra. In all, you are spending quite a lot of money, to prepare for the exam, and comparitively the cost of the paid exam is but a small investment. However, quite an important one as it helps the most and is thus quite worth it.

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