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How To Build A Business Online?

How To Build A Business Online?
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Before creating a website you need to consider two things: types of website it will be, and what niche you will be focusing on.

Types Of WebSites

The site type defines the main kind of value your site will offer to visitors. There are three broad categories:


Teaches, informs, guides, and keeps visitors up to date.


Entertains visitors through blog, stories, or multimedia.


Provides a service or sells a product.

No one type is easier to create or more profitable than another. An entertainment site easily attracts visitors, yet it earns the least per visitor. In comparison, an e-commerce site has the hardest time attracting visitors, but it earns the most per visitor. Information sites fall somewhere in the middle in terms of traffic and earnings.

An Important Tip!

We recommend that you choose among types of websites, according to your own strengths and resources.If you can create or own rights to a product or service, then an e-commerce site selling that product or service would be an obvious choice. Similarly, if you are an expert at a subject, then teaching it through an informational site would be a good idea. Lastly, if humor or multimedia is your strong point, then an entertainment site may be your best starting point.

Choosing A Niche!

After deciding from the types of websites to start with, you also need to choose a niche for your site.

The niche specifies in one line what your site will be about. It can be a general niche—such as cricket—or a more specific niche—such as T-20 matches. Either way, your site must not deviate from the niche you decide on.

Consistent branding is a key for developing a popular and profitable site, because niche focus will make it easier to rank high in search engines, attracting more visitors, to help monetize your site.

If you keep the focus, visitors will begin to trust your site as prime destination to find out about things in your niche.

Interest Based

Rather than choosing the most popular and profitable one you can find, we recommend that you pick a niche that reflects your own interests and passions.

If you select a niche that is interesting and enjoyable to you, chances of being successful at it, increase automatically. Do not let your new career as an online entrepreneur turn into another boring job.

Make it a profitable hobby!

Popularity Based

No matter how strong your personal interest is in a particular niche, you must also realistically analyze its popularity.This will determine how much traffic your site can potentially attract and, how much money you can expect to earn from it.

The easiest way to check the popularity of a niche is through the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

This tool provides the global monthly searches on Google for any keyword you specify. A niche whose keywords get fewer than 10,000 monthly searches is a doubtful web business prospect.

An Important Tip!

Alongwith,Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you can also use Google Trends to check if a niche is rising or falling in popularity. This Google tool shows a graph of the worldwide or local search volume for a given keyword phrase,changing over time. A niche with an upward trend is desirable, but the monthly search volume is also an important factor.

Competition Based

When you have found a niche that is both interesting and popular, the third step is to consider the competition. To estimate this you can use this Indexing formula:

You can find out the number of competing sites, (even among the categories and types of websites) by searching for the niche on Google in (" ") quotation marks. The number of search results returned will be the number of competing sites.

For example, a niche with 10,000 monthly searches and 1,000,000 competing sites would have a Index of:

An index above 10 is considered good and above 100 is excellent. The higher Index value a niche has, the less competition sites it has, so the easier it will be, to grow your site’s traffic.

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