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How to prepare for a Job Interview

How to prepare for a Job Interview
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A job interview is a two-way, fact-finding form of communication between two or more people that may result in a job, internship or volunteer opportunity. Everything you do leading up to the interview will help or hinder the process.

Job interview preparation the most stressful and tense for any Jobseeker. Candidates feel nervous despite all the confidence or skills they may boast of. It is but an expected psychological reaction which can be managed with systematic preparation.

Research the Employer

Thoroughly research the company you’ve applied to and find out as much as possible about them. Try to get a detailed overview of business operations in line with the advertised Job Profile. This will help in your job interview preparation,and particularly for questions like “What do you know about our company?” and "Why do you want to work here?"

Use your Network

Networking is the process of using personal contacts to achieve a particular purpose.Most of us do it as a part of our normal social interactions. When we are looking for a plumber or an electrician to do some work, we invariably ask around for names of people who others have successfully used and can recommend. Within organizations, most people network as a means of finding out what is available and what is going on. This is often called “keeping an ear to the ground” or “office politics” – it is networking nevertheless.

Reach out to friends and co-workers for information on the organization you’ve applied to. Very often your Professional connections may provide you with an information edge over other candidates

The Power of LinkedIn

If you are in the business world and looking for a job to expand your network, you should have an active LinkedIn profile.

You can get valuable insights for actual industry experts on a range of jobs on LinkedIn through their posts. Now that’s real,practical and business useful information to help you with your job interview preparation.

When connecting on LinkedIn be sure to add a personal note with the connection request. Although LinkedIn is a business site, personal items seem to sneak their way in. With that being said, some people will question whether you have a legit reason for wanting to connect with them. Oblige them by sending them a personalized request.

If you are looking for a new job and you are currently employed, go into your privacy controls to limit everyone from seeing all of your updates. Receiving many new recommendations, connecting with recruiters, and following certain companies, may be signs (to your managers and co-workers) that you are searching for new opportunities.

Mock Interviews - An effective tool for job interview preparation

Practise with Mock Interview as many times as possible yourself and along with family and friends. Have them grill you with questions expected during the actual process. Take for instance“Tell me about yourself?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses? “, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”  Ask them to observe not only your responses but also your body language (signs of restlessness, nervousness, confusion) in particular. Nothing works better and more effectively than practise, for a solid job interview preparation.

Day of the Interview

Dress appropriately preferably in formal business wear when you arrive for the Interview. Arrive 5-10 minutes before appointment time and be sure to carry several copies of your Resume, along with a Pen and a Notebook.

Keep the talking points Real

Remember your skills are the selling points. But use Real Life scenarios to show how your skills can best serve the goals of the organization. This will differentiate you from other candidates who are just “all talk”

Some Ground Rules

Stick to the point of answering the Interviewer’s question with respect to the Job description. Be sure to practise and perfect this during your job interview preparation.

Remain balanced when it comes to showing confidence and energy. You neither want to go hulk or appear dead.  Be sure to ask questions during the interview process based on your understanding of the organization. Remember to thank the interviewer for their time when the session is concluded.

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