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Lessons from the Life and Works of Stephen Hawking

Lessons from the Life and Works of Stephen Hawking
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A brief glimpse in the life of Stephen Hawking

The Simplest Theory of Life

An individual becomes timeless and immortal when his/her work is regarded as path breaking or trend setting in any field. The theories and other research contributions of Stephen Hawking fall in this category. But there’s also a personal contribution that he made which turns him into an immortal legend. It may be regarded as a theory but it’s not so complicated and does not need mathematical proofs or data.

  • It is the theory of not accepting defeat and giving up even when staring at darkness of disease or despair of disappointment.
  • This theory asks that you turn the anger of disability and failure into curiosity for new knowledge and persistence to succeed.

It is not a new theory but it gets rediscovered every time a great soul is born and passes away, leaving the legacy of its teachings of this theory. The Life and Works of Stephen Hawking enrich Physics and our understanding of the Universe. But most importantly and interestingly, he taught us a thing or two on how to adapt, change and live fulfilling lives in the face of extreme adversity.

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