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Managing Stress in College

Managing Stress in College
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College life is advertised as a phase which is reported to be both quite a learning and enjoyable experience. Although, education institutions recognize the need for managing stress in college environment. However, none openly admit of the stress levels that have now become a part of our education system. But why students feel stress in our colleges?

Books and Tests

Tons of study material to go through, a huge library to reference, notes from mentors and guides, recorded lectures, it all sounds like a lot of help to students. But it’s all actually quite overwhelming. And the pressure to go through it all and be prepared to ace many waves of tests and assessment papers is immense.


College education is quite expensive. Many students have to work, along with attending college to secure funds for their tuition. They are under a lot of pressure to earn at the same time they are trying to beat the pressures to learn. Financial burdens make managing stress in college, a daunting challenge.

Future Planning worries

It is quite common to see college students and even school students planning their future careers while they are studying. They pick their ideal heroes from the business world, usually young entrepreneurs or technology pioneers who are now captains of the industry. So their goals are material success and their icons with bank balances that rival GDP of small nations. Living your learning days not idealizing or understanding the concepts but charting out a path basically to get rich and big quickly, can overload any sane mind. This kind of outlook, nowadays quite popular among students, makes self managing of college stress difficult.

More Freedom but with huge expectations    

Students experience a feeling of freedom when they enter college life. But with it lands a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Students can plan, choose and prioritize what they want to do with their time but they are also responsible to make the right decisions regarding career and academic courses. Thus, lack of advanced planning and foresight leads to managing stress in college, seem like tackling a huge monster.

Friendships, not quite the same

Students undergo a huge change personality wise during college years. Peer pressure can be quite high, some forcing their friends to try drugs, sexual activity and other harmful habit forming vices. It becomes difficult for those being forced, to say no. This would lead to them being excluded from their friendship circles.

Danger Signs

Also, important it would be to understand how stress affects the students apart from negatively impacting their academic performance. Common symptoms include:

  • Lack of Focus

  • Constant worrying

  • Repeatedly missing Assignment deadlines

  • Missing classes

  • Short temper

  • Tense all the time

  • Random Headaches

  • Never relaxed

  • Disturbed routine for sleeping/eating   

Key To Managing Stress in College: How to De-stress?

There are various relaxation and de-stressing techniques available which range from meditation to breathing exercises. These techniques for managing stress in college also work generally for all. But most students can easily relieve stress by just taking breaks at regular intervals. Just sitting under a tree and not doing anything can help them collect their thoughts. Speaking of collecting thoughts, maintaining a diary is also a huge stress buster.

Avoiding junk food and eating healthy food goes a long way in keeping the body fit and mind healthy. Drinking a lot of water is also known to de-stress and help concentration. Students need to plan their study and college routines. And they need to strictly adhere to those schedules, so that everything gets completed on time.

Family is the best support platform for students to discuss their worries and concerns. Spending quality time with friends and relatives can radically uplift their spirits.

Counsellors and trained Professionals can provide counselling assistance and guidance to those struggling with Stress. Students can look for signs of elevated stress amongst friends and encourage them to seek help if necessary.

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