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Rethinking what Happiness and Success means..

Rethinking what Happiness and Success means..
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Everyone dreams to be successful and happy. But try to visualize what it really means to be “happy and successful”. You’ll see a conflict of views. Not only there are differences in personal opinions as to what is “success and happiness” but also between that of society’s expectations and individual aspirations.

Social Standards of Judgement

Individual Preferences

Being Wealthy

Owning Property

High Salary

Good Designation

Luxury Car

Bank Balance

Financial Security

Can Smile And Relax

Supportive Family

Personal Growth

Good Health

Peace Of Mind

Happy Married Life


So once in a while, you’ll have doubts. You’ll be counting what you have with what you want and Social Perception of what more you should acquire. You face chaos and confusion, not knowing which path leads to true “success and happiness”.  So let us show you the way.

Creation equals success and happiness

Be creative. Especially, if you do a job, you’re creating business for them.  Sure it helps your career but they own it. Think of an original idea. Dig up your thoughts and diaries from school days. There’s always something special you can create. Your own personal project will go a long way in changing your life, your thoughts and may be even the world if it turns out to be a great concept. Creation is true “success and happiness”.

Take interest in good food and exercise

Food and Exercise are cornerstones of staying physically fit and mentally balanced. You’ll find yourself confident and positive even in most adverse and stressful conditions. These habits will prepare you for any challenges and demands life can throw at you.

Feed your mind

Read books. Watch informative content like videos, news on your topics of interest. Learn new skills. Do whatever it takes, but motivate yourself every day.

Effective Time Management

Focus on now. Do what you can, now. Putting of things so they pile up is the biggest downer. However, don’t try to tackle everything and everywhere at once.

Employing Art of War strategy

There’s no harm to pause and review your plan. It may be working well or not. Either ways it can be improved. Why should you do things the old way? Think out of the box. Brainstorm with like-minded people. Never be rigid or stuck in a zone of thought or belief.

“success and happiness” relates to neither overconfidence nor procrastination.

Create Personal Bonds

Focus on creating relationships which are not based on monetary benefits. Relationships based on mutual trust, respect and care will be most satisfying and beneficial for you overall. Call people on their birthday. Don’t just text them or send them a card.

Stand your ground

Be stubborn and never give up. Keep doing it till you don’t get it to work. Just break down big tasks into pieces you can do one at a time. Re-invent ways to do things and find solutions.

Set Goals

You’ll get nowhere, unless you ask yourself where you want to be. Aim for what you want, not what you can have. Organize your life actions around achievement of your goals. Have both long term and short term goals.

True “success and happiness” is not an unattainable higher consciousness or a religious concept. It’s a doable reality.  But the doer has to be you.

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