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The Formula of Success for Sales Managers : ASM/SO/SSO/TSI

The Formula of Success for Sales Managers : ASM/SO/SSO/TSI
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Here's a little secret about sales leadership for first time sales managers (ASM/SO/SSO/TSI particularly) :

That There's no magic recipe for success.

The real sales manager success formula is all strategy, planning and execution.

You’ll often hear grand stories from many organizations, that they've created exciting new business strategies and marketing concepts. Or they've designed new sales programs to meet their targets. Then they've defined action plans and handed out everyone's assignments. But six months later, nothing has happened.

The most common reason for this may that they’ve overlooked something very simple yet highly important. FOLLOWUP

Follow-up is critical

Sales leaders must understand if they fail to show progress on planned commitments or lack of attention to detail, their team will pick up on this behaviour and it will negatively impact sales performance.

Sales calls/activities will no longer be effective. Energy/Enthusiasm levels will drop off. Negative attitudes will surface.

Successful sports coaches have the ability to follow through, manage details and emotions and prepare for each event. Some make their point with noise, some with emotion, some with determined logic—but all the truly successful ones understand the power of execution and follow up.

If you asked a professional football coach to show you his/her weekly schedule, which showed practice times, team meetings, lunches, workouts and so on. Every hour for the week would be mapped out and based on expectations that players would be ready and that coaches were prepared with strategy and game plans.

Take Away

Business Leaders must take sales manager success formula to the office each day, each month and each quarter. They must apply it in forecast meetings, in sales training, in coaching sessions and in every other activity. Sales leaders must set the pace for their organizations, using excellent strategy and well-defined tactics. They must always remember that effective sales leadership creates the culture that's necessary for high performance—and successful execution.

Some key concepts to share with team:

  • Discipline - Training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or character.

  • Accountability – To initiative and responsibility towards one's actions and goals.

Control – A standard of comparison for checking the results of an experiment or process. All are critical components for successfully carrying out plans and initiatives.

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