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The Fundamentals Of Promoting Your Website | Product | Service Online...

The Fundamentals Of Promoting Your Website | Product | Service Online...
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Promotion Fundamentals : Getting Visitors on Your Website | Generating Leads | Driving Online Sales

You have a website, a blog, may be even a few Social Media channels, but so far you don't see a lot of visitors coming your way. On top of that your lead generation and sales are dismal. You're not getting any new business or coming across exciting opportunities. You think you're doing everything possible but something doesn't feel right. What you need,is a new promotion fundamentals plan to get traffic, generate leads and convert them to sales.

Want to know how? Well! Keep reading to find out...

First let's understand some key concepts...


Traditional marketing and promotion fundamentals focus on advertising for reaching out to the target audience. This involves creating content and running campaigns over multiple channels like Email, TV, Radio, Youtube, Social Media etc.

The latest trend in marketing gives equal emphasis towards becoming easily discoverable by target audience,searching online for products or services.

Landing Page

A website provides a list of all the services, type of clients,pricing & testimonials, however, this information is too generic for a specific buyer class looking for a particular product/service.

This is what a landing page addresses - a page specifically developed to cater to buying interest of specific nature.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnels, as the name suggests, filters visitors/prospects based on their interest in a product/service at multiple stages. At each level,only those vistors or prospects progress to the next stage and eventually, turn into "Leads", some of which eventually convert into "Sales"

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The Action Plan...

Research and Understand your market.

Study and carefully map out your current market.Identify all the problems your current subscribers face that you can solve,along with the problems you can solve for the people you haven't reached yet.

Once you have this worked out, you'll have a list of buyer types and markets that you can target with your service/product offerings effectively.

Create Landing Pages.

In the previous step, you identified your target audience and their needs. Now start building your page section by section keeping these promotion fundamentals in mind.

Focus on your USP's (Unique Selling Points).

A good landing page starts by stating the problem it solves,then solutions, to show that the problem is understood and there are ways to solve it. Finally, the product (highlighted with USP's) comes as a conclusion.

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Build your Sales Funnel

Build your sales funnel keeping in mind: that vistors may react differently towards your services/products than what you expect or assume. Setup pages or sections starting from "Generic" (but not vague) to specific information. Your visitors are looking for information to help them decide if your offerings fit their needs. At each stage all except interested possible buyers will remain, which we terms as leads.

Learn from your page analytics, visitor feedback, reviews etc to learn how you can improve each stage of your promotion fundamentals and funnel to maximize conversion.

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At any given stage your visitor/prospect, may ask for More Information | Contact You | Ask for a Quote | Click on theBuy Now  button.

Create content for each eventuality in each stage, along with scheduled email follow ups to drive the visitor/prospect/lead to the each stage, following the promotion fundamentals stated above . Do remember to think from the customer's perspective before creating or sharing any follow up content.

Driving Traffic

You have the basics configured , now its time to drive traffic to your pages.

You can go the SEO route but it takes time. You will need to build links from your website, your blog, other partners, etc. It may take months before you see any impact, but its free and long lasting.

Another route is buying traffic which is technically called "Referrals". However, you need to be make sure your buying the right type for your business.

An Important Tip!

Keep your entry form simple, communicate simply and accurately, and use customer testimonials to convince your possible lead to convert.

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