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What Employers Expect from Freshers?

 What Employers Expect from Freshers?
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Every organization that you apply in for a Job, will try to assess your skills limited to not just talent or knowledge. An equal amount of importance will be placed on your personality and personal values. And if indeed, they are or can be aligned with the Organization’s culture. Therefore, it is vital to understand those basic expectations from you:

Business Communication Skills

Communication is an act of simply exchanging information or ideas. You are already communicating a lot, for instance while chatting online, ordering from the web, making phone calls/texting and through social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) with family and friends.

However, Business Communication is a different skill altogether. The information or ideas must be exchanged clearly, precisely, timely and efficiently.  Important business decisions may be based on how or what or when you speak/write in a business meeting, presentation or proposal.  


“Collaboration” means to reaching out to other people or groups and working as part of a team. The concept is to share ideas, responsibilities, and tasks along with resources for achieving a common goal. Now this really tests your social and leadership skills. How well do you get along with other people? Do you participate actively in team efforts? Are your contributions visible in team efforts? Can you develop better client and work relationships through a model of cooperation and partnerships?

Dedication and Adaptability

Employers lay a huge emphasis on the level of motivation or commitment level a candidate expresses towards their Career and Business Goals.  For a man without a goal is lost. But one with a goal but no strong will to achieve is worse. Employers look for strong, clear and energetic expression of Goals and Commitment from you. It gives them the confidence that you’ll do what it takes to overcome obstacles and deliver results. Also, those efforts will not be half hearted.

In today’s world of ever-changing landscape of market dynamics, advent of new technology, businesses must adapt themselves to survive. To deliver better services and appear competitive to customers, their workforce too must be dynamically responsive to changing scenarios. And that means employers look for people who are eager to learn new skills and update their existing knowledge. The employers seek candidates who are open minded and positive, capable of adjusting with changing situations and functioning under pressure.   

Taking Initiative and Innovation

“Taking Initiative” means you do what it takes to get things done and handle your responsibilities or of the group, without waiting for instructions from superiors. Perhaps, best example anywhere for us, when everyone is stuck in a blocked road and the traffic cop is nowhere in sight.  The guy who gets out of the car and directs the traffic, clears the jam is the one who has taken the initiative.

Innovation means doing something new with what you have today. Employers prefer candidates who can think out of the box ways to solve problems instead of traditional approaches. Innovative employees transform companies by creating new technologies, products and services.

Troubleshooting and Execution

A thinking mind is the most valuable asset of any business. Employers expect that you think on your feet, make quick but rational decisions based on critical logic. You may be tested to see not only how sound your knowledge is, but how you apply it. Do you logically approach any problem or situation or just react to it? Can you plan? How well do you plan? Can you execute your own plan or the one that’s provided to you? How well can you give or take instructions? So these are some of the analytical reasoning skills all corporate employers look for.

Professionalism and Ethical Behaviour

Professionalism is essentially how you behave at work. Even outside the professional world, we are expected to behave in a certain manner to be called civilized. Those rules still apply to workplace. Lying or making excuses, showing up late at work, dressing inappropriately or shabbily, inappropriate or offensive language, gossiping and promoting negativity are Strict No even at workplace. Employers look for people who know a clear line between professional and unprofessional.    

Taking Feedback and Self Development

Taking feedback is about accepting a positive side of criticism, learning from it, making changes to oneself to improve and following up to measure results. It is a difficult process that requires patience, understanding and learning but yields best results for overall development of a person. Employers prefer candidates who do not get defensive and maintain a positive learning outlook towards criticism.

Work Life Balance

Corporate Workplace is full of opportunities as well as challenges.  Even though focus and delivery of results is rewarded but a negative effect is observed. New talent burns out faster and stress levels go through the roof, simply due to the lack of balance between achievement and enjoyment or work and play. Therefore Corporate Employers, seek employees that are motivated and can balance ambition with adequate relaxation.

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