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Why are Internships so important?

Why are Internships so important?
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Internship Programs provide young graduates with an opportunity to acquire work experience in Private Companies for a fixed period of time. It is usually unpaid and is a part of their academic course.  The Interns function under the direct supervision of a Professional or a mentor. Benefits of Internships are beneficial towards both long term/ short term career planning and progression.

Benefits of Internships for Students

Practical Magic

By nature, benefits of Internships bridge the gap between Theoretical Business knowledge and practical Corporate Realities. Students learn to solve problems, collaborate, communicate and transform their skills to a vastly superior level.

Improve Chances of Employment

This program transforms the Intern from a student to practically an Employee. The Intern is not only aware of the Job Responsibilities and challenges but actually faces them. This makes them ideal candidate for full time employment by Corporate Employers in the future, a rewarding benefit of internships.

Expanded Network of Professionals

The Interns communicates and works with the Corporate Professionals as part of a team. Such interactions create bonds of mutual respect and a strong inter personal professional network.

Higher Starting Salary

Graduates who have undergone Internships are more likely to be hired at a salary higher than freshers without Internship Experience. Internships add to the currency of your Experience.

Save Resume from Trash

Internships provide the right exposure along with knowledge, to showcase in the Resume.  Employers seriously consider properly formatted and well written Resume’s showcasing relevant experience from amongst the countless Job Applications they receive.   

Personal Growth

Internship as an experience helps develop skills like Time Management, Conflict Management, Team Work, Soft Skills and Communication for overall personality development.

How it benefits the Employers?

Interns can be your Future Employee

Interns belong to a job tested and trained talent pool from which Corporate Employer can and in fact do recruit their future employees.

Save Costs

Internships are usually unpaid, so in those positions costs are saved.  That too without long term liability of benefits and compensation in comparison to regular work force.

Fresh Minds, New Ideas

One of the many benefits of internships for employers is infusion of fresh talent. Every new batch of Interns is a highly motivated bunch of young minds eager to learn. Organization benefits from not only this energy but also new ideas the talent brings in.

Corporate-College Connection

Internships provide Corporate Employers with an opportunity to connect with the education sector, touching the lives of so many young students. This connection influences and moulds students in to corporate culture.

How it benefits the Educational Institutions?

Course Validation by Industry

Successful Internship programs strengthen and validate the relevance and credibility of the academic program they are part of. Campuses thus benefit from increased enrolments and student confidence in their programs.

More Internships, Better Placement Statistics

Interns find jobs faster and at a higher starting salary due to relevant work experience they acquire. Then increasing Internships would mean overall better placement statistics for the University/College Campus.

Enriching Case Studies and Lectures

Practical exposure to workplace provides the Interns with a greater insight into the theoretical knowledge they are acquiring and how best it may be applied.

College-Corporate Connection

This can very well be termed as one of the lifeline benefits of Internships for educational institutions. Internship is not only connect students with Corporate Employers but also Educational Institutions as well with the Industry houses. Some of this may also translate into programs being funded by Corporate Sponsorships.

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