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College Type : Private University
Website :
Incorporated Date : 2063-01-01
Contact Person : Manisha Chaudhry
Designation : Director-CPDD
Address : 1, knowledge part , Phas II Greater Noida
City : Quebec City
State : Quebec
Country : CANADA
Pincode : NA
About Company :

The National Institute of Scientific Research or Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) is the research-oriented branch of the University of Québec. INRS has facilities in Quebec City, Montreal, Laval, and Varennes and offers graduate and research programs.

Established in 1969, INRS conducts research in four broad sectors including water, earth and the environment; energy, materials and telecommunications etc.

Why Choose National Institute of Scientific Research

Ranked 37th in Canada and 1111th rank worldwide, according to Webometrics.

Key Features

  • Well researched scholars from across the globe
  • International students making up for 58 % of the total student population.
  • Students from 40 countries including France, Germany, India, China etc.
  • INRS trains the scientists in 22 master‚Äôs and doctoral programs and also shorts programs.
  • 50 collaboration agreements with academic institutions in 15 countries, including France, Italy, Morocco.
  • Well known for √ânergie Mat√©riaux T√©l√©communications Research Centre


Type of University Public
Chancellor Armand Couture
Programs 20
Faculty Members 150
Number of Postgraduate Seats 280
Number of Doctoral Seats 420
Basic Tuition Fee, Postgraduate International Students CAD $ 8,297
Basic Tuition Fee, Doctoral International Students CAD $ 7,459
Languages for Courses French, English
Test Scores Accepted GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and GRE

Programs Offered

INRS offers a total of 20 graduate and doctoral programs. These programs include master's, doctorates, short programs, dual degree programs and post-graduate certification. The INRS offers these programs in following areas:

  • Water, Earth, and Environment
  • Energy, Materials, and Telecommunications
  • Animal and Environmental Health
  • INRS-Urbanization, Culture and Society

Campus and Residence

The National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) is composed of four research and teaching centers located in different cities- Montréal, Laval, Varennes and Quebec.

The main INRS building located in downtown Québec, houses laboratories and classrooms of the Terre Eau Environment Research Centre. It also has the administrative departments and services buildings.

Off Campus Housing

INRS does not offer university residences. Students seeking houses may contact Student Services Manager for advice and assistance in reference to housing. Students at the Center Eau Terre Environneement and the Center Urbanization Culture Societe in Quebec city have the opportunity to stay at the Residences of the University of Quebec, consisting of two buildings located in the vicinity of INRS.

Application Process

Firstly, one will have to find a research advisor in order to take admission in a research program at INRS with masters or doctoral dissertation. Your research advisor will direct your work at INRS University. Once you find your research advisor, submit an application for admission.

Apply Online

You should carefully review the admission requirements described in the program of study related to the research project before submitting your application alongside supporting documents.

1. Fill out your admission form

Candidates must submit an application for admission prior to the stipulated dates- November 1st for the winter term and March 1st for the summer term.

2. Submit the required documents

When you have completed the application form, please collect the following documents and mail them to the Registrar's Office.

  • Birth Certificate
  • A certificate depicting your educational qualification.
  • Reference letters written by three people who are familiar with the aptitude of your research.

3. Application fee

Application fee of $49,55 must be paid in Canadian currency on the INRS student portal when applying for admission. Payment is to be made by credit card. No other means are accepted.

The Registrar's Office will then notify you about the admission decision and inform you of the next steps to take in order to complete the admission.

4. Getting a Study Permit

International students will need to provide with a valid study permit for admission at INRS. The study permit allows you to study at the university and a visa is required to remain in Canada for the duration of your studies.


Candidates will have to show a proof of finance while applying for students’ visa. The tuition fee charged by INRS vary from course to course and pace of residence of the student.

Postgraduate and Doctoral Courses Tuition fees

For undergraduate, postgraduate courses, the following tuition fee is to be paid by students of different categories (approximately).

Category Tuition Fee Other Fee Total
Masters Programs
Quebec Resident $1195.50 $111.12 $1,306.62
Canadian, Non-Quebec Resident $3701.40s $111.12 $3,812.52
International Student $8,186.70 $111.12 $8,297,82
Doctoral Programs
Canadian and Permanent Resident $1195.50 $111.12 $1,306.62
International Student $7348.35 $111.12 $7,459.47


INRS University has its own scholarship programs. Students registered in the fields of pure and applied science, and social sciences are eligible for these programs.

Following table shows scholarship calculation schedule for the pure and applied science and the social sciences sectors:

Sector Minimum Amount Maximum Amount
Pure and Applied Science $24,300 $32,500
Social Sciences $15,690 $36,627

Note: Basic financial support for a regular Master's or PhD student who does not receive any external scholarship is set at $ 4,710 per quarter and $ 5,490 per quarter, for the qualifying period.

Work Study Program

INRS also offers financial support in terms of work study program alongside the scholarship supplement. Its research director will therefore propose a project of work which must not exceed 10 hours per week.

On Campus work programs

Students work under the supervision of a faculty member. In addition, the research supervisor must specify the work performed by the student in look at the following features:

  • Amount paid to the student must not exceed the tuition fees paid by the student during the same budget year and according to the INRS standards.
  • This project will have a minimum of 80 hours and a maximum of 150 hours per quarter, for a maximum of 10 hours weeks (15 weeks).
  • Tasks assigned to the students must be related to their area of study and allow them to gain professional experience.

Work after graduation

The university provides post-graduation work opportunities for research scholars so that they can work in Canada. INRS is one of those institutions who have been offering off campus work opportunities for those who complete a program of at least 8 months.

  • Must have studied full time in Canada.
  • Must have completed an academic program of at least 8 months duration in order to work.
  • Must have a valid student visa
  • Should apply for work within 30 days of receiving written confirmation. 
  • Work permit- valid for the same length as your academic program or up to a maximum of 3 years. 

INRS works closely with research partners at the local, national, and international levels to provide work opportunities to its scholars.

How to get a SIN?

International students, in order to work on campus or work after graduation, require SIN or Social Identity Number. A social identity number is valid until the end of the stay or for a max 5 years. Students can renew it if needed. They can obtain SIN by going in person to Service Canada office along with the following documents:

  • Passport,
  • Study permit and visa,
  • Off-campus work permit.

Alumni Network

INRS alumni have served Canada in several research related areas. Here is a list of some notable alumni who have been, or are involved with the INRS:

  • Andre Parent- Business Development Officer at National Research Council
  • Arnaldo Attallah- CEO at Enertel Controls Inc., Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
  • Dominique C√¥t√©- Chef ‚Äì D√©veloppement de produits, Renewables & Environment.
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