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Having a Ph.D. Degree in Pure Mathematics is amongst the increasingly rare species in India, as most of the people carry research in Applied Mathematics. So, with lesser heads to compete, Ph.D. Maths holders can easily get a job in any good university or institute with a great package to spend. According to Careercast, a career rating agency, has rated mathematician as the best job in 2014 based on four factors Environment, Income outlook and stress and the top 15 highest earning professions in India has only one common element “Mathematics”. It is the success story of the decade and it’s getting better all the time. As India’s corporate juggernaut gets more and more knowledge driven and data centric, it’s opening up a world for GenNext coming up with a Research Degree in Mathematics.

Essentials of Ph.D. Mathematics:

Program Duration

3-5 Years

Offered by

  • Over 20 Public and Private Institutes (IISc and CMI are on top)

What Do You Learn

  • Functional Analysis, Operational Mathematics, Algebraic Topology
  • Complex variables, Probabilities: limit theorems, Differential geometry
  • Complex analysis & Lots of Unresolved Mysteries of Mathematics


  • M.Sc. Degree in Mathematical or Physical Sciences,
  • B.Tech Candidates from any discipline can also apply (May Vary by Institute)
  • Some Institutes also offer direct admission for Graduate Students with Excellent Academics Record

Admission Process

  • Entrance Test + Interview

Entrance Exams

  • CSIR-UGC NET for JRF, UGC-NET for JRF or NBHM Screening Test or Students Who have Cracked INSPIRE Ph.D Fellowship.
  • Many Universities Conduct Their own Entrance Exam Institutes offering Ph.D. Math Course

Program Fees

Doesn’t Matter Unless Opting for a Private Institute (Private Universities Offering Doctorate Degree in Maths)


  • Average 25000-35000 per Month by Government
  • May Increase After Second Year with the External Funding Sources

Average Starting Salary after the Course

8,18, 000 (INR)

Top Companies Hiring Ph.D. Mathematics

  • TCS Innovation Lab, Weizmann Institute, Ernst & Young, Tiger Analytics
  • Ph.D. Holders Can Also be Employed as Professors and Assistant Professors in Colleges

Top Colleges for Ph.D. (Mathematics)

  • Ph.D. (Mathematics) in Tamil Nadu
  • Ph.D. (Mathematics) in Karnataka
  • Ph.D. (Mathematics) in Uttar Pradesh
  • Ph.D. (Mathematics) in Kerala
  • Ph.D. (Mathematics) in Gujarat

Program Structure and Duration

In India, generally Ph.D. Mathematics program runs over three years and students needs to submit a thesis within 12 months of the end of the program. Many universities includes some capstone projects which may enhance the program duration to four years. Generally Five Courses are offered during the first year and minimum three courses are required to be completed. The topics offered in the first year is as follow, it may vary college wise.

1.            Algebra

2.            Analysis

3.            Topology

4.            Discrete Mathematics

5.            Differential Equations

Important Qualities to Acquire after the Degree:

Great in Analytics: A Mathematician needs to be sharp and precise in analysis and they should be comfortable with using statistics for analyzing large data.

Communication Skills: For being a teacher one needs to be a great communicator. The concepts should be crystal clear for the students being taught and the people not having extensive knowledge of mathematics

Mathematics: The most obvious skill to possess is mathematics means a mathematician must have the ability to work on complex problems of statistics, calculus and linear algebra

Problem Solving: Must have a die-hard approach of problem solving. No matter it takes days or weeks the solution should be eminent from a mathematician.

Eligibility Of the Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Eligibility Criteria for admission to PhD Mathematics program is a Post Graduate Degree in Mathematics, preferably an M.Sc. degree in Mathematics or Physical Sciences. B.Tech.candidates can also apply. 

How to Get Admission in Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Application Process and Selection Criteria

The application process for most of the institutes start in January every year and the classes begins from August. The best way to get a good college for Ph.D. is to sit in CSIR-NET and UGC-NET exams for some of the colleges GATE is also used as prerequisite. For Ex. ISI Kolkata uses GATE score for admission in its Ph.D Maths program. Some institutes also take admission through NBHM Screening test conducted for Ph.D. Scholarships.

Every Entrance Test is followed by an Interview Round which is most critical phase of the admission process. Almost every institute takes this round in which student is placed in front of Five Members expert panel. Where the real mettle is tested. 

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