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Diploma in Mining Engineering is a three year long diploma programme after standard 10. Mining engineering is essentially as the name suggests, the engineering, that is the science technology and application of mining that is the extraction of minerals. The eligibility for pursuing this degree is having passed your 10th standard board exams from CBSE, ICSE, state boards, or other equivalent certified boards for 10th level education. This course allows students to gain specialised knowledge in the field of mining which would be beneficial to those who are interested in pursuing an engineering related profession in the field. It is a 3 year course, consisting of 6 semesters. The course may also be pursued after completion of standard 12. Admission into this course is merit based and depends on marks scored in 10th standard or 12th standard board examinations as the case may be. If the student is opting for this course after 12th, he or she needs to have had physics, chemistry and mathematics as subjects at the class 12 level.

The course includes subjects ranging from English, mathematics, electronics, and mining, to assisting subjects like applied sciences, graphics, etcetera which would help the candidate be successful in this field. The course is best suited for those that are capable of thinking critically and are good at analysing situations and are capable of working in teams or leading them. This degree also makes a candidate eligible for pursuing further degrees in engineering, which might be the intention especially if a student is pursuing this course after having completed their 10th grade. It is also a good base builder for candidates that wish to pursue scientific research in this field later on in their career.

Top Institutes offering Diploma in Mining Engineering are:

  • Abdul kalam Institute of Technological Sciences
  • Sai Nath University
  • Institute of Engineering and Management Studies
  • RIMT University
  • Wisdom School of Management

The average full time fee charged for the course in India ranges from INR 23,000 to 45,000 per anum, and the average salary offered to such professionals INR 6 lac per annum, increasing with experience and expertise.

B.Des in Industrial Design: Course Highlights

Course LevelDiploma
Duration3 years
Examination TypeSemester system
EligibilityCompleted 10th or 12th standard education for recognised boards, with physics, chemistry, and maths as subjects at the plus 2 level.
Admission ProcessCandidates are selected on the basis of merit, judged with respect to their 10th or 12th standard scores as the case may be.
Course FeeINR 23,000 to 45,000 p.a.
Average Starting SalaryINR 6.56 lac
Top Recruiting CompaniesColleges and universities, KPGM Bangalore, South Eastern Coalfields, Atlas Copco India, National Institute of Rock Mechanics, etc.
Job PositionsScientific Assistant, Technical Lead, Mining Engineer, Assistant Manager, Quality Technician, R&D Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Market Research Specialist

Diploma in Mining Engineering: What is it About?

The course will prepare its students for a career in mining engineering and related areas of engineering or research and development. Career wise it definitely leaves the doors open and allows students to move into academia or into research and development, take on technical jobs, and of course work in the field of mining engineering, either as a technical lead, or an engineer itself. It is also a great building ground for those who wish to study further in this field, and provides a specialised start for the same.

Graduates from this course may work as mining engineers, technical leads, scientific assistants, assistant managers, quality technicians, R&D Engineers, Quality assurance engineers, market research specialists, and etcetera, and be recruited by Colleges and universities, KPGM Bangalore, South Eastern Coalfields, Atlas Copco India, National Institute of Rock Mechanics, BARC, and etcetera.

The course equips students not just with the essentials of mining engineering as a subject, but also the skills required to lead projects or communicate with clients that have invested in the extraction or the project as the case may be. It involves studying subjects such as electrical and mechanical engineering, engineering drawing, mining safety, mining survey, computer aided design and drafting, and etc. Thus the design of a project is also given great importance and so is the presentation of the same.

Top Universities offering Diploma in Mining Engineering

Listed below are some of the top Universities in India that offer the course.

Name of InstituteCityTotal fees in INR
Abdul kalam Institute of Technological SciencesKhammam, Andhra Pradesh-
Sai Nath UniversityRanchi-
Institute of Engineering and Management StudiesBhubaneshwar-
RIMT UniversityPunjab1.19 lakhs
Wisdom School of ManagementBangalore16,500
Usha Martin UniversityRanchi1.71 lakhs
Bhagwant UniversityAjmer-
The ICFAI UniversityJharkhand2.15 lakhs
Godavari Institute of Engineering and TechnologyRajahmundry-
Mewar UniversityRajasthan1.2 lakhs
Shridhar UniversityPilani-
Ballarpur Institute of TechnologyChandrapur-
Aizza college of engineering and technologyTelangana-
School of Engineering and TechnologyMadhya Pradesh1.3 lakhs
Shreekavitha Engineering collegeKhammam-
Anurag Engineering collegeTelangana-
Adarsh college of engineeringAngul-
Adarsha college of engineering and international polytechnicAngul-
Anu Bose Institute of TechnologyKhammam-
Aptitude AcademyVadodara-

Eligibility for Diploma in Mining Engineering

The eligibility for pursuing this degree is having passed your 10th standard board exams from CBSE, ICSE, state boards, or other equivalent certified boards for 10th level education. The course may also be pursued after the completion of standard 12 level education from CBSE, ISC, IB, or other recognised boards, given that the candidate had physics, chemistry, and mathematics as subjects at this level.

Top Mining Colleges in TelanganaTop Mining Colleges in RajasthanTop Mining Colleges in ChhattisgrahTop Mining Colleges in Jharkhand

Diploma in Mining Engineering: Admission Process

After the online or physical admission form is filled and submitted to the administration of the respective college or university, candidates that fulfil the eligibility criteria are selected on the basis of merit, judged with respect to their 10th or 12th standard scores as the case may be.

Diploma in Mining Engineering: Syllabus and Course Description

The semester wise breakup of the course is tabulated below:

Semester 1Semester 2
Theoretical papers
Communication skills (studies)Business, economics and accountability
Physics-IPhysics- II
Chemistry- IChemistry- II
MathematicsComputer application
Engineering mechanicsEngineering mathematics
-Strength of materials
-Electrical technology
-Engineering drawing
Seasonal papers
Physics lab (Group A)Physics lab (Group B)
Chemistry lab (Group A)Chemistry lab (Group B)
Engineering drawing (S) (Group A)Engineering drawing (S) (Group B)
Workshop practiceWorkshop practice
-Computer applications lab
-Electrical technology lab
Semester 3Semester 4
Theoretical papers
Environmental engineeringCommunication skills (job)
Basic electronics`Underground coal mining methods and support
Introduction to miningSurface mining
Explosives, mining practices, and gas detectionUnderground metalliferrous mining and tunelling
-Mining hazards
-Mining geology
Seasonal papers
Computer aided design and draftingCommunication skills (job) lab
Mining gas boring and blasting labMine methods and support lab
Industrial training (part- A)Mine safety lab
-Mine geology lab
-Industrial training (part- B)
Semester 5Semester 6
Theoretical papers
Mine management, legislation, and general safety- IMining machinery- I
Special underground methods, rock mechanics, and fuel techniquesMining machinery- II
Mine surveying- IMine management, legislation, and general safety- II
Electrical engineering and mechanical engineeringMine surveying- II
-Mine ventilation
Seasonal Papers
Mine surveying- I labMining machinery lab
Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering labMine ventilation lab
TrainingMine surveying- II lab
-Project work
-Grand viva

Diploma in Mining Engineering: Career prospects

Career prospects for mining engineering are great, both in India and abroad. It offers opportunities both in the academic field as well as in the professional field. The course provides various mining specific subjects, but it further branches out to subjects such as electrical and mechanical engineering, or engineering drawing, allowing students to receive a holistic development if they intend to further move into research or other areas of academia given that this is a diploma level course.

That being said, as far as jobs are concerned, there are plenty and they are significantly well paying. Engineers of all kinds are in high demand at the moment, but at the same time only the best of the best get recruited given tightness of budgets and limitation of companies that are hiring. Recruiting agencies include coal and oil companies, colleges and universities, other mining companies, manufacturing industries, and etcetera.

Mining Engineering graduates are often recruited as mine safety managers or assistant managers, and therefore it is beneficial to have adept managerial skills. Apart from that a candidate may be required to lead teams or communicate with clients, making communication skills also crucial.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to successful graduates of the course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions:

Job PositionJob DescriptionAverage Annual salary in INR
Scientific assistantTheir primary responsibility entails offering support to the scientist in research and educational subject matter pertaining to the research.4,50.640
Technical leadA technical lead is a developer who leads the development team at his or her firm or company.12,27,175
Mining EngineerThey are responsible for the safe and efficient extraction of the minerals, metals, oil, etc. from the ground and ensure that all safety regulations are complied with and the appropriate equipment is used9,89,343
R&D EngineerThey are responsible for conducting experiments and may take on a consulting role suggesting improvements to the project when required8,85,666
Quality technicianThey are responsible for conducting tests during the manufacturing process to perform quality checks on the products being manufactured.1,72,164

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