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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History is an Undergraduate program offered by Universities at college level in India. The course is open for students who have successfully qualified 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board or university.

The program is of 3 years duration. The tuition fee for Bachelor of Arts in History varies from INR 1000 to 25000 

Bachelor of Arts in History is one of top Arts courses in the milieu of undergraduate courses in India. Some of the Top Colleges for BA History in India are listed below:

  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • St. Stephens College, Delhi
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Presidency College, Chennai
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Presidency University, Kolkata
  • St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

A Bachelor of Arts degree opens up job prospects in various fields like Public Administration, Social Work, Historian, Archaeology, Numismatics, Research, and Teaching etc.

Average Starting Salary for a BA History degree holder ranges from INR 8000 to 20000 per month.  

BA (History): Course Highlights

Course LevelGraduation
Duration3 year
Examination TypeSemester System
EligibilityHigher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 50%
Admission ProcessIn various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission.
Course FeeINR 25,000 to 3 lacs
Average Starting SalaryINR 2 to18 lacs
Top Recruiting AreasArchaeology and Archieves Department, UPSC Jobs, Historical Parks, Research Centres, Journalism, Museums, Radio Channels, Survey Offices,etc.
Job PositionsArchaeologist, Historian, Auctioneer, Social worker, Teacher, Travel Tourism Expert, Activist. 

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History)

  • Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History) in Tamil Nadu
  • Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History) in Uttar Pradesh
  • Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History) in Maharashtra
  • Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History) in Assam
  • Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History) in Karnataka

BA (History): What is it About?

History is the study of past events and occurrences which have helped in shaping up a civilization. The study of history helps an individual to understand culture and society, and gives an in-depth view of the world. This eventually helps in understanding the factors which affect the development of a civilization like culture, economy, religion, power etc.

The duration for BA in history is 3 years. The whole program is divided in three years with two semesters in each year in most of the colleges. Some colleges follow annual system of assessment. The course delivery methods for Bachelor of Arts in History include Classroom Lecture, Discussion, Group Presentation, Assignments and Project reports. 

Candidates after graduating in BA History are majorly employed in Education sector. But there are other sectors too in which a BA history degree holder can apply:

  • Archeaology
  • Travel and Tourism
  • PSBs
  • BPO/KPOs

Students who wish to pursue higher studies can opt for various courses like

  • M.A (History)
  • M.Phil. (History)

BA (History): Top Institutes

Name of the InstituteLocationAverage Course Fee (in INR)
Loyola College Chennai4,610
Christ UniversityBangalore26,700
Presidency CollegeChennai1,250
Fergusson CollegePune3,040
KJ Somaiya College of Arts and CommerceMumbai8,350
St. Xaviers CollegeKolkata47,500
Kristu Jayanti CollegeBangalore30,000
IP College for WomenNew Delhi6,660
Nizam College Hyderabad4,030
Loreto CollegeKolkata17,700
Scottish Church CollegeKolkata8,870
DAV CollegeChandigarh16,300

BA (History): Eligibility

(10+2) or High School Senior Secondary exam by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or any equivalent exam conducted by any State Board or Equivalent. He/She should have secured a minimum 50% Aggregate with English as a subject. All SC/ST candidates have a relaxation of 5% in the minimum aggregate.

BA (History): Admission

The Admission Process to Bachelor of Arts in History course begins after the declaration of the results for Intermediate or 10+2 examination. Students have to fill application forms for respective universities. Once the application process is over, universities release cut off marks or percentage for admission to BA History program. Students with the required percentage can then apply to the respective colleges.

  • Application Process
  • Cut off Declaration
  • Admission

Certain universities also conduct Entrance Test for admission to the program. Banaras Hindu University conducts Undergraduate Entrance Test (UET) for admission to its Bachelor of Arts program in History.

BA(History): Admission through Distance Mode

Students who for some reason are not able to get admission in a regular course have many options available when it comes to education through distance mode. Apart from the Indira Gandhi National Open University there are several other institutions which offer Bachelor of Arts in History. Some of these institutions are:

  • School of Open Learning, Delhi University
  • Tamil Nadu Open University
  • Nalanda Open University
  • Annamalai University
  • Karnataka Open University
  • Mumbai University
  • Maharishi Dayanand University
  • Osmania University

BA (History): Syllabus and Course Description

The program is divided into three years and in each year a student has to learn different aspects of national and world history. The program is designed in such a way that the study of history moves from general to specific encompassing all phases of Indian and World history.

Apart from the compulsory History courses, students also have to study a minimum of two Concurrent courses. The concurrent courses vary from a range of Language papers to subjects from humanities.

The Scheme of Assessment is generally based on class-participation and performance in an examination held at the end of an academic year or semester. Some colleges also require students to submit a project report/thesis on the topic of their interest related to Indian or World history.

The weightage given to different criteria for assessment is as follows:

Assessment CriteriaWeightage
Theory Examination75%
Internal Assessment25%

The Bachelor of Arts in History Syllabus is almost similar in all the universities, with the name of modules may be differing. Below is a comprehensive syllabi structure for BA History course. 

Area of StudyTopicsDescription
History of India – Ancient to 600 CEReconstructing Ancient Indian History Pre-historic Hunter Gatherers Harappan Civilization Vedic Corpus and transition to Janapadas and Mahajanapadas Mauryan and Post Mauryan era Age of the Guptas, Aspects of Society, Religious DevelopmentThis course focuses on the ancient India and various aspects of ancient civilization like society, culture, religion and economy.
History of India – 600C to 1500 CEmergence of major Political centers – Kannauj, Bengal, Peninsular India Arab, Ghaznavi and Ghori’s Invasion of India Agricultural Expansion Urban Centers Indian and Oceanic Trade Sanskrit Literature Temple and Cave Architecture Polity and Institutional Structure Varna SystemIn this course a student will learn the emergence of social, religious, economic and political development of mediaeval India. In this course students will also learn the earlier Arab invasions in India.
History of India – 1500C to 1800 CThe Mughal Empire – Foundation and Consolidation of Mughal Empire Ideology and State in Mughal India Economy in Mughal India Crisis of the Mughal Empire Society, Religion and Culture in Mughal IndiaThis course mainly focuses on the political and social implications of Mughal Empire in India.
History of India – 1800C to Modern IndiaEast India Company Theory of Rent and lasses faire Socio-Religious Movements in India Rural Economy and Society Early Resistance to Colonial Rule – Revolt of 1857 Colonial Intervention and Growth of Modern Education Indian Nationalism The Gandhian Era New Trends in National Movement Pre-War Political Developments Post War Upsurges Communal Politics and Partition India from 1947-1964Colonial Expansion and its consequent effects form an integral part of Indian History and this course provides an in-depth insight of the colonization and national freedom struggle in India.
Ancient World HistoryPalaeolithic and Mesolithic Cultures Bronze Age Civilization Nomadic groups in Central and West Asia Slave Society in Ancient Greece Polis in Ancient Greece Major centers of Ancient Mediterranean World – Mesopotamia, Egypt and Persia Political History of Greece Macedonian Expansion Political, Sociological and Cultural History of RomeIn this course, the various aspects of ancient world civilization are taught to form a background for the understanding of world civilization.
Transformation of EuropeNature of Feudal Society Crisis of Feudalism Economic Crisis in the 14th century Europe Fall of Constantinople Development of National Monarchy Economy in the 15th century Economic expansion of Europe in 16th century Proto-Industrialization Renaissance, Renaissance Humanism Economy of the 17th century Europe Scientific Revolution English Civil War of the 17th centuryThis course tracks the change in Political and Sociological scenario in Europe from 15th to 17th century.
European HistoryUnderstanding the 18th century Europe Social, Economic and Political background to French Revolution French Revolution Napoleon Bonaparte – Rise and Fall The Vienna Congress Metternich and the Conservative Order Pattern of Insurrection in France and other Central European Countries Emergence of nation states in Central Europe Unification of Italy and Germany Russian Modernization France Under the second Empire Industrialization in Europe Rise of Working class movements and Socialist thought Art and Culture, Religion, and Science of 18th century Europe The Third Republic, Paris Commune and German Reich Age of Imperialism Anglo-German Antagonism Russian RevolutionIn this course a student will learn about European History and its various shaping factors.
World PoliticsThe Versailles Settlement of 1919 The League of Nations The reparation issue and its impact on international relations The Great Depression and its international repercussions Fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany Diplomatic Background of the Second World War – Policy of Appeasement, the Munich Pact, Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact The Spanish Civil War United Nations Organization Cold War USSR’s relation with East European Countries US foreign policy in the Post War period - Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan Bi-polarism and Regional conflicts – War in Korea, Crisis in Cuba, Conflict in the Middle East Disintegration of European Empires and emergence of the Third World The Non-Aligned Movement Indo-Pakistan Relations India and the Liberation War of Bangladesh The Liberation struggle of Vietnam Reunification of Germany The End of Socialist Regime and the Disintegration of USSR The End of Cold War GlobalizationThis paper focuses on the various political movements and reforms around the world and how these have contributed to the development of various nation states.
History of East AsiaChina Pre-colonial China Colonial penetration in China Popular movements in China including Taiping Revolution Restoration, Reform and Revolution in China Nationalism and Communism in China Japan Pre-restoration Period Meiji Restoration Popular and Democratic Movements Economic Modernization Emergence of Japan as an Imperial PowerThis course focuses mainly on the history of China and japan in East Asia.
History of the United States of AmericaMaking of the Republic Evolution of American Democracy Early Capitalism The Agrarian South Ante Bellum Foreign Policy Civil War Industrial America U.S. Imperialism Afro-American Movements Women’s Movements Religious, Cultural and Intellectual TrendsIn this course a student will learn the all and about of American History including the various political and cultural revolutions.
History of the USSRThe Russian Revolution of February and October 1917 Civil War and War Communism The New Economic Policy Foreign Policy The Comintern Formation of USSR The Great Debate of Soviet Industrialization Collectivisation of Soviet Agriculture Planned Industrialization The Khrushchev EraThis course discusses the history of USSR, right from its formation to disintegration and the various movements which changed the course of history for Russia.
History of AfricaHistoriography of Africa Commerce and Migration (1500-1900) Patterns of Colonization Structures of Colonial Control Economic Transformation Emergence of new Religious and Cultural Identities Popular Protests, Rebellion and National Liberation MovementsIn this course, a student will learn the various phases in African History including the colonization process and the ultimate liberation of African movements.
History of Latin AmericaConquest of America and its repercussions Economic Transformations Bolivar’s Vision and the emergence of New States in the first half of the 19th century Assertion of the U.S. hegemony in the Twentieth centuryThis is a course which discusses the history of Latin America in detail

BA (History): Who should opt?

BA History course is an apt course for history enthusiast and for those who have an affinity to learn about the culture and civilization of a bygone era. This course is also ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in fields like anthropology, archeology, public administration etc.

Although BA students do not have to spend time in laboratories like their counterparts in the science stream, BA students need to devote extensive time in studying reading materials and have to spend considerable time in the library r visiting historical sites for references. So students who have the zeal and vigor to learn history should opt for this course.

    BA(History): Career Prospects

    Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History can find employment in multiple public and private sector fields. Some of the fields which employ BA History degree holders are:

    • Education
    • Archaeology
    • Public Service
    • Private Sector
    • Travel and Tourism
    • BPO/KPO
    • PSBs

    Some of the roles which a History graduate can take up are:

    Job RolesDescriptionAverage Salary (in INR)
    Archaeologist A history graduate can find employment with Archaeological Survey of India or with private firms related to archaeology.2-4 Lacs
    HistorianWith so much debate over authenticity of History books, there is ever increasing demand for historians.4-5 Lacs
    AuctioneerAs a student of history if Art interests you, you can work with auction houses.1-2 Lacs
    Public ServiceFor History graduates, the option of public service is always open.-
    TeacherAfter a BA in History, you can always find employment as a history teacher.2-3 Lacs
    Executive/AssociateBPOs/KPOs also hire graduates for their executive or associate profiles.2-3 Lacs
    Social WorkerNGOs and Social Welfare Organizations also employ BA History graduates.2-3 Lacs
    Writer/Subject Matter ExpertNowadays a lot of publishing houses seek subject matter experts for publication of school text books or supplementary reading materials.3-3.5 Lacs
    Travel and Tourism ExpertWith an extensive knowledge of History and historical Monuments, a history graduate can work as a travel expert for tourist places of historical importance.3-4 Lacs
    ArchivistThe job of an archivist is to evaluate, collect and preserve useful records making it a perfect job for a history graduate.3-4 Lacs

      BA(History): Salary Trends

      Salary range for BA in History varies with the kind of job roles on offer. Here we have prepared data to project the salary range for various profiles associated with BA in History.

      Job Profile/Sector  

      Average Starting Salary in LPA

      Average Median Salary in LPA

      Average Highest Salary in LPA





















      Following graph represents the average annual salary in INR Lakh.

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