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There are so many languages in the world to learn. After globalisation, the need to learn a third language has been grown a lot in a very short span of time. But, the question is what language one should learn, the cost required to learn a language and from where one should learn it. Firstly, if you go by me; I will suggest you to learn Spanish, for it is the second most spoken language in the world even English comes at third place. Around 400 million people speak Spanish. It is spoken in around 21 countries. The Spanish-speaking population is one of the fastest growing segments in the world today.


Moreover, the biggest attraction to learn Spanish in India is the excellent job opportunities it provides in the ever growing BPO sector. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and it covers a huge geographic area of the globe. Apart from that, it is also the second most important language of US where the biggest number of BPO customers come from. Spanish language experts do a variety of roles depending upon their skills and experience in the Industry. Here are some of the professions students can look for: Diplomatic Service Professional Foreign Language Trainer Translator for MNCs and Government Organizations Research Associate Interpreter Tourist Guide Air Hostess or Flight Steward Attendant at hotels Freelance Writer, Translator, Interpreter Public Relation Officer Secondly, the cost which is incurred during learning process varies from 60, 000/- to 100, 000/- for both the levels Basic (A1 & A2) and Intermediate (B1 & B2), if you do it from any well renowned institute. So, it is too much, everyone cannot afford it. This is where my point stands; I teach you Basic Course (A1 & A2) at only Rs. 10, 000/- and Intermediate Course (B1 & B2) at only Rs. 12, 000/- that too within the same duration. And I m not taking all the fee at once, you can pay me on monthly basis so that if you are not able to learn the language than you can leave at any time without bearing the burden to having paid so you have to continue to learn it. Most importantly, when you go to an interview, they just check your fluency and profoundness of sound, how correct you speak so it s clear, from which institute you have done a language course is secondary thing. To be more precise, it doesn t matter at all. So why waste money in these institutes given language learning process is totally depends on you; how much time you give. Thus, one just need a teacher to guide him/her to learn a language than why pay more. Finally, I want to say that after learning a language you are paid by the firm around 25, 000/- to 40, 000/- a month as a fresher. Experience people earn more than that you cannot even imagine it. Levels to offer: Basic Course (A1 & A2) Duration 5 months. Fee Rs. 2000/month. Classes Twice a week (each class of one hour). Intermediate Course (B1 & B2) Duration 4 months. Fee Rs. 3000/month. Classes Twice a week (each class of one hour). Call on +91 9718842308. Email @

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Gajaindra Singh


Delhi, Delhi, India




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