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Masters of Technology Aerospace Engineering is a postgraduate degree program dealing with the study of aerospace engineering. The duration for the course is of two years, and usually it is divided into four semesters. Basic eligibility to take admission in this course is graduation i.e. BE/B.Tech in aerospace or allied specilizations. Admission to this course is done through GATE in most of the engineering colleges in India. Course fee ranges form 2 to 4 lakhs.

This course is a specialization in the field of aerospace engineering which deals with the courses related to the science and technology of the spacecrafts and aircrafts. Aerospace engineering and sciences are developing manifold everyday as it is a promising upcoming course and area of research where scientists and technicians are working hard to gain more information and excel in the space exploration and defence related areas.

The major career prospects after this course are in the field of the aviation sector, research organizations like Indian Space Research Organisation and also some educational institutions where scientists work and research in the aerospace field and also help more students by teaching them about aerospace engineering. Average entry level salary after completing this course may range between 3 to 6 lakhs per anuum.

This specialized engineering, deals with the designing, development, construction and maintenance of components related to spacecrafts, aircrafts, missiles and satellites and the like. This course provides a platform to the aerospace enthusiasts to come and work in real life situations and contribute to the ever increasing area of research.

What is the course about?

This course deals with the design, construction and maintenances of equipments used in the aerospace industry like spacecrafts, aircrafts and heavier equipments too, like missiles, rockets and satellites. This course is structured so as to impart knowledge about the engineering and works in the workings of these equipments and help in the advancement of the defence systems, aerospace technology and aviation too.

There are various researches carried out at present in the aerospace and aeronautical sciences and India is trying to achieve new heights in this field, which makes this course all the more suitable for the contemporary times and there’s a lot of scope for the development in this field in the many more years to come. The course is a career oriented course and guarantees various career options after successful completion of the two year degree program.  

What are the skills required for the course? Who should opt for the course?

M. Tech. Aerospace Engineering is a high demand course in the contemporary world and has its very own challenges and hardships related to it. But, one must not be discouraged by the challenges and rather strive to achieve the best possible results.

Students who are keen on learning the advanced engineering knowledge in aerospace field and who are interested in relevant research projects must opt for this course. The students who opt for the course will be made acquainted with the performances of aircrafts and spacecrafts and concepts related to aerodynamic properties and also aspects of analysis of the aerodynamic properties. Any candidate who wishes to have a career in the aerospace, defence or aviation fields must apply for this course.

Top Colleges for Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Aerospace Engineering)

  • ME/M.Tech in Delhi-NCR
  • ME/M.Tech in Maharashtra
  • ME/M.Tech in Chennai
  • ME/M.Tech in Uttar Pradesh
  • ME/M.Tech in Telangana


The course, like other postgraduate engineering courses, is of two years spanned over four semesters. It is a degree course which benefits the student to completely understand the workings and research in the field of space and technology. The two years of the course are designed to impart not only bookish knowledge, but also practical knowledge.

The course is a combination of courses like Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles, Air Transportation and Space Transportation Systems and a project work which every student has to compulsorily take up for two semesters during the second year of the course which helps the students getting acquainted with the current trends in the aerospace industry.

How to Get Admission in Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Aerospace Engineering)

The admission process for the course is varied as various institutes have their very own criteria and process of admission. The admission to this course in any of the IIT is through the candidate’s performance in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). Each candidate seeking admission to M. Tech. Aerospace Engineering is supposed to take the GATE and on the performance in the test and academic record, the candidate is given admission.

Other institutes like, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad also holds an entrance test for the admission of candidates to this course.

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