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Ph.D. in Anatomy is a 3-year doctorate course, minimum eligibility for which is a Post Graduate degree in related with a minimum one-year internship. Anatomy is a division of science that deals with structural organization of the living things.

Some of the top colleges offering Ph.D. in Anatomy are:

  • University of Delhi
  • Armed Forces Medical College
  • Government Medical College
  • Kurnool Medical College
  • Guntur Medical College

The average tuition fee for this course ranges from INR 1 to 9 Lacs for a full course.

Admission to Ph.D. in Anatomy course is given through an entrance examination conducted by different universities at state or national level. The final selection will be based on the test score, academic profile, an interview. 

Subjects studied under this degree are Human Gross Anatomy; Human Anatomy including Histology, Embryology and History of Anatomy, Nemoanatomy; Genetics and Physical Anthropology; and Applied Anatomy & Recent Advances in Anatomy.

Ph.D. in Anatomy degree holders can work as Teaching/Research Assistant, Associate Professor Anatomy, Sr. Medical Coder, Medical Scientist and Research Assistant in Apollo hospital, Ganga Hospital, UPSC, and AIIMS etc. Students can also work in many areas like universities, hospitals, clinics, government organizations and research organizations with an average starting salary between INR 2 to 30 Lacs per year which would only increase with experience in the field.

Top Colleges for Ph.D. (Anatomy)

  • M.Phil/Ph.D in Science in Delhi-NCR
  • M.Phil/Ph.D in Science in Maharashtra
  • M.Phil/Ph.D in Science in Chennai
  • M.Phil/Ph.D in Science in Uttar Pradesh
  • M.Phil/Ph.D in Science in Telangana

Ph.D. in Anatomy: Course Highlights

Course LevelPost Graduate
Duration3 year
Examination TypeYear Wise
EligibilityPost Graduation
Admission ProcessBased on counseling after clearing Entrance Tests(AIIMS, NEET, etc.)
Course FeeINR 1 to 9 Lacs p.a.
Average Starting salaryINR 2 to 10 Lacs p.a.
Top recruiting companiesApollo hospital, Ganga Hospital, UPSC, and AIIMS

Ph.D. in Anatomy: What is it About?

Ph.D. in Anatomy is a postgraduate medical degree in general surgery. Anatomy is a branch of science dealing with the structural organization of animals and plants. It is for the fields where more of surgical expertise and skills are required.

It is a degree showing that a medical professional has achieved a deep understanding of the theories and practices of pain relief. Programs usually split between didactic and clinical training.

  1. Students typically learn how to alleviate pain during and after surgery
  2. How to maintain and restore stable conditions in patients through pain management.
  3. During their clinical rotations, candidates are usually cycled through every department to gain experience in a variety of subspecialties.

Phytology or plant anatomy deals with an interior structure of plants while zootomy or animal anatomy deals with a morphology of the human body. Anatomy Courses involves the study of animals and morphology of the adult human body. Ph.D. in Anatomy Courses in all the medical and related fields includes human anatomy as a basic subject along with physiology and biochemistry. In macro anatomy, the structures under study can be seen through the naked eyes.

The fields like cytology, histology, and embryology come under microanatomy, which specializes in the study of microscopic anatomical structures. The vocabulary used in all descriptions and communications about the body is provided by the study of anatomy. Anatomy Courses are in great demand as they are the most fundamental of all the medical sciences without which medical field is incomplete.

Ph.D. in Anatomy: Top Institutes 

Name of InstituteCityFees
University of DelhiDelhiINR 50,000
AIIMSDelhiINR 10,000 
Armed Forces Medical CollegeMaharastraINR 70,000 
Government Medical CollegeThrissurINR 1.5 Lacs
Kurnool Medical CollegeKurnoolINR 30,000 
Guntur Medical CollegeGunturINR 3.5 Lacs
People’s UniversityBhopalINR 2.7 Lacs
Rama UniversityKanpurINR 4 Lacs
Era UniversityLucknowINR 2 Lacs

Ph.D. in Anatomy: Eligibility

To pursue the programme in this field, students have completed their post-graduation or pre doctorate (M.Phil.) degree in any related discipline from a recognized university. Candidates should have secured a minimum aggregate of 55% marks in their master's degree program to be eligible for admission to the course.

Ph.D. in Anatomy: Admission Process

The admission is purely based on the merit and also on medical colleges and universities conduct common entrance examination for the candidates. The eligible candidates from the written examination will be called for the counseling and interview process.

Some Entrance Exams conducted for admission to Ph.D. in Anatomy course are:

  1. CET-PGMC – Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences MD, MS Entrance
  2. Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune All India Post Graduate (PG) Medical Entrance Test
  3. BLDEU-PGET BLDE University Bijapur PG Degree and Diploma Courses Entrance Exam
  4. BHU PG Medical Entrance Test

Ph.D. in Anatomy: Syllabus and Course Description


Practical Schedule

History of Anatomy General Anatomy

Collection of tissues, fixing, block making, section cutting; use of different types of microtomes and preparation of general and systemic slides

Elements of Anatomy Gross Human Anatomy

Heamatoxylin& Eosin- Preparation of stains. Staining techniques

Cross-Sectional Anatomy Applied Anatomy

Knowledge of special staining techniques like Silver Nitrate, PAS staining, Osmium tetroxide, Van Gieson etc

Principles of Microscopy and Histological techniques.

Embryo (chick embryo) mounting and serial sections of embryo – should be taken, stained with Haematoxylin& Eosin

General and Systemic Histology

Knowledge of light microscope and electron microscope

General and Systemic Embryology

Detailed microscopic study of all the tissues (General and Systemic Slides)



Surface Anatomy


Radiological Anatomy


Human genetics


Comparative Anatomy


Principles of Physical Anthropology


Recent Advances in Anatomy


Ph.D. in Anatomy: Career Prospects

Anatomy offers a strong systematic base foundation for future training students in a health-related profession. Post-graduate students in the field of anatomy and physiology can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges.

Some of their graduates also work in the hospitals and in clinics in Anatomy departments. Professionals of physiology and human anatomy can look for employment in operating room technician, allergist, genetic counselor, physician assistant, acupuncturist, urologist, and cardiologist, etc,

In Ph.D. in Anatomy Course, research work can be pursued from the level of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. The skilled professionals after pursuing Anatomy Courses can work along with doctors as assistants in diagnosis and treatment. The firms that make artificial limbs and organs, run by government agencies and private companies provide employment opportunities for anatomists.

Some other employment areas include biomedical companies, health science agencies, and research labs in hospitals or as laboratory operators. Anatomy Courses provide the basis for promoting innovations in quality research and its application to mankind by evaluating scientific advances in health care.

Job ProfileDescriptionAverage Salary (in INR)per year
Associate Professor AnatomyTeaching, service, and scholarship responsibilities with primary teaching opportunities in the kinesiology, anatomy, cardiovascular/pulmonary, pediatric.6.4 to 8 Lacs
Medical ScientistThe purpose of a medical scientist' job duties is to discover new methods of enhancing human health.6 to 7 Lacs
Research AssistantResearch assistants are mostly found in the social science or laboratory setting. 3 to 5 Lacs
Anatomy InstructorAnatomy instructors teach college students about the human body. They give lectures and assignments on topics such as how muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems function. 3.7 to 6 Lacs
Medical Consultant They can also work for a company that provides medical-consulting services.2 to 5 Lacs

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