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As soon as you Sign-up, TuteeHUB will send you an email with your Registration Details

along with a link to verify your email. Clicking on the enclosed link will verify the email and

open TuteeHUB Home page for you.

As soon as you Sign-up, TuteeHUB will send an OTP (4 digit code) on the mobile number

you have specified during Registration.

As soon as you Sign-up, TuteeHUB will send an OTP (4 digit code) on the mobile number you have specified during Registration. 

After Sign In, you’ll find on top of the Page, options to Resend Email Verification Link email or Resend OTP for mobile number verification. 

Kindly allow us one 1 business day to provision your account and activate all linked services. Once this activity completes, you shall receive a welcome email from us. If you still haven’t received the welcome email or you’re unable to login, please contact us at or call us on 011-42427761.

We recommend that you choose a password at least 6 characters or longer, consisting of letter and numbers.

There may be an extra space typed inadvertently along with the username. Your password may be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Often due to Caps Lock key being active, Shift key or any other key not functioning properly causes incorrect password being typed in. Please try typing the password on a text editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word to see if this is the cause. Sometimes, your browser auto fills username/password information, which may not be updated or correct. Try typing in the username/password by first clearing out the username/password fields. If all fails, we suggest that you reset your password.

When you register with TuteeHUB, we email you the registration details including the Username and Password. If in case you’ve changed this initial setup password, then we recommend resetting the password. Please click on the “Forgot Password” Link just under the Password field on the Sign- Page. Please follow on screen instructions. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. 

Contact TuteeHUB team at with your Name and Contact Information along with the details of the issue/concern. 

The My Profile section is your own personal space on TuteeHUB. You can customize and personalize it to showcase your talents, skills, interests, achievements and work experience. Upload your resume to easily apply for jobs, later. The Menu on the Top right of the page, allows you to also change your password and other settings of your TuteeHUB account. 

The TuteeHUB ID is your unique registration number issued by TuteeHUB platform at the time of Sign-up. The TuteeHUB ID is used internally and externally by the system to link and provide all TuteeHUB services and benefits to you. We send you this TuteeHUB ID for the first time in your Registration Email. Also, it’s displayed prominently in your Profile when you sign in. Please save this email and TuteeHUB ID for future reference to avail TuteeHUB services and benefits. 

The Profile Completeness Meter indicates how much information you have added to your profile. The more you fill up this meter, the stronger your profile becomes and you accomplish more through TuteeHUB. For instance, it becomes easier for you and others to connect if the shared interests are filled up. Similarly, if the skills and Work Experience are populated, recruiters can search for you easily.   

You may click on the “Update Profile” option visible as soon as you Sign In. Alternatively, you may click on “My Profile” in the Menu on Top Right of the Page. Thereafter, you may click on the edit option appearing against each section to add/delete/modify the information. Please note that no changes are saved unless you click on the “Save” option appearing under each section while editing. 

You may upload Resume files in formats doc, docx or pdf. The file size should not exceed 1 MB.

We recommend that you visit our Learning Centre here “Insights” to get the best advice and guides on how to create a stellar resume. 

Simply type in the missing Skill or Language and Hit Return/Enter to add it in your Profile.  

Statistics is a snapshot of ongoing or closed Events and Articles published by your organization.

Statistics is a snapshot of ongoing or closed Events, Job created/closed, and Articles published by your organization.

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