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  • Vikrant Srivastava Mar-11-2019 12:57:03 PM ( 2 months ago )


    I'm finding that I need to update my page to my scope manually more and more since building an application in angular.

    The only way I know of to do this is to call $apply() from the scope of my controllers and directives. The problem with this is that it keeps throwing an error to the console that reads :

    Error: $digest already in progress

    Does anyone know how to avoid this error or achieve the same thing but in a different way?

  • Vanshika Bhatt Mar-11-2019 12:58:48 PM ( 2 months ago )

    You can check if a $digest is already in progress by checking $scope.$$phase.

    if(!$scope.$$phase) {
      //$digest or $apply

    $scope.$$phase will return "$digest" or "$apply" if a $digest or $apply is in progress. I believe the difference between these states is that $digest will process the watches of the current scope and its children, and $apply will process the watchers of all scopes.

    To @dnc253's point, if you find yourself calling $digest or $apply frequently, you may be doing it wrong. I generally find I need to digest when I need to update the scope's state as a result of a DOM event firing outside the reach of Angular. For example, when a twitter bootstrap modal becomes hidden. Sometimes the DOM event fires when a $digest is in progress, sometimes not. That's why I use this check.


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