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Cron removes after sometime in wordpress plugin (Advance cron manager)

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Kajal Gaur


( 7 months ago )


I am using Advance Cron Manager in wordpress for cron, but my cron removes after some time 24-48 hours, I am unable to detect what causing this. I have checked the code and paseted below from my custom plugin. I am using whatsapp chat-api to detect if there is new message received/sent to whatsapp, I am using emails to sent whatsapp message once new email is sent with certain headers, it will hit below function and sent message to whatsapp.

To check this I have scheduled a cron new_email_event after every 1 minute, sometimes it workes ok but some time it removes after 10 minutes.

I want to know is this an issue with plugin or I am missing something.

This is code written in my custom plugin.

add_action('new_email_event', 'identify_new_email_received');

function identify_new_email_received() {    
    ini_set('display_errors', '1'); 
    $settings = odz_get_whatsappsmtp_settings();    

    $hostname = '{}INBOX';
    $username = $settings['configured_email'];
    $password = $settings['email_password'];

    $mailbox = new PhpImap\Mailbox('{}INBOX', $username, $password);
    //$mailbox = new PhpImap\Mailbox('{}INBOX', $settings['configured_email'], $settings['email_password'], __DIR__);                

    $since_date = date('Y-m-d',strtotime("-1 days"));       
    $mailsIds = $mailbox->searchMailbox('SINCE "'.$since_date.'"'); 

    if(!$mailsIds) {
        my_custom_log('No emails');     

    $email_data = array();
        my_custom_log('No last email');
        //whatsapp the last email
        $latest_mail = count($mailsIds) -1;
        $mail = $mailbox->getMail($mailsIds[$latest_mail]);
        $email_data['date'] = $mail->date;
        $email_data['text'] = $mail->textPlain;
        $email_data['id'] = $mail->id;
        $email_data['subject'] = $mail->subject;
        $email_data['fromAddress'] = $mail->fromAddress;
        $email_data['fromName'] = $mail->fromName;
        $sender = get_sender_number($mail->textHtml);
        $msg = get_sender_message($mail->textHtml);
            $email_data['text'] = $msg;


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