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Django add/edit form not returning initial/default value set while initialisation

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Raman Tripathi


( 8 months ago )


I have view which I use for both adding and editing a modelform. Edit form works fine but while loading the add form, the initial values which I had set through Python code is not showing.

def tracker_edit(request, track_id=None, template_name='posts/tracker_edit.html'):
    if track_id is not None:
        track = get_object_or_404(Post, pk=track_id)
        track = Post()
    tracker = CreateArticle(request.POST or None, instance=track)
    if request.POST and tracker.is_valid():
        redirect_url = reverse('posts:tracker_list')
        return redirect(redirect_url)

    return render(request, template_name, {
        'tracker': tracker

    weekno =

    if weekno<5:
        x = ("Weekday")
        x = ("Weekend")

    Day_Of_Week = forms.ChoiceField(choices=Day_Of_Week, widget=forms.RadioSelect, initial=x)

For example, from the you can see I'm expecting the radio button to be auto selected as weekday or weekend. But none is selected. Im confused, am I doing anything wrong with get/put? Any fix for the above will be appreciated..

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