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How to redirect program error to a file while using pipes

General Tech Bugs & Fixes
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Vanshika Bhatt


( 8 months ago )

I'm running a command to backup my DB:

(echo "`date`: START DUMPING";; echo "`date`: DONE DUMPING") >>db_dump.log

And in the

pg_dump -v --dbname=mydb | pigz | openssl enc -aes128 -k ssecret -out db_dump.gz.aes

How would I catch the informative output from pg_dump, pigz and openssl to db_dump.log?

Currently I'm thinking doing it:

pg_dump -v --dbname=mydb 2>>db_dump.log| pigz 2>>db_dump.log| openssl enc -aes128 -k ssecret -out db_dump.gz.aes 2>>db_dump.log

but that seems quite cumbersome...

Pooja Bhardwaj


( 8 months ago )

Try grouping with brackets:

( pg_dump -v --dbname=mydb | pigz | openssl enc -aes128 -k ssecret -out db_dump.gz.aes ) 2>>db_dump.log

Individual stderr output from all parts of the pipe will go into the same destination.

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