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Lazy load and object array instead of a component?

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( 6 months ago )


i am doing a reactjs app with material-ui and i have seen many examples of reacjs lazy loading components.. but i have an array of GridListTile objects from material-ui that i load into a Gridlist component, this GridListTile array is the result of an im calling..

i already tried putting the Suspense in the GridList and in the i return every GridListTile inside a lazy() call but obviously its not working as it expects a component etc...

this is my GridList:

           <Paper style={{ margin: 25, padding: 25 }}>
              <Suspense fallback={<div>Loading...<div>}

and this is my where i return the content of this.state.collectionList

            const tempCollectionList = => {
            return (
              lazy.(() = (
              <GridListTile key={item._id}>
            collectionList: tempCollectionList

but i just get errors, a lot, something like those not being react components and a lot of other error.. point is it does not load, for obvious reasons, lazy loading is for components only

but how can i achieve lazy loading for an array of objects?? i have more than 100 tiles in this.state.collectionList.

what's your interest