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UIAccessibility - When dismissing another view, set focus to previous accessibility element

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Karlie Kloss


( 8 months ago )

I am implementing accessibility into our current project and have some issues on setting focus on an element in a previous viewcontroller.

An example would be:

A user selects on a tableview cell at index 3. In didSelectRowAt, we present to the user a UIActionSheet where the user makes a selection. Once the user makes a selection and the presented UIActionSheet is dismissed, the accessibility focus SHOULD be selected at tableview cell index 3, but instead the focus is set back to the initial element in the view, in my case most top-left element.

I have used UIAccessibility.Notification .screenChanged and UIView.accessibilityViewIsModalto set a new focus when presenting a modal view, but this doesn't seem to have a good solution to point back to a previous element when dismissing a view.

Any insight on how to track the previous accessibility element focus would be greatly appreciated.

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