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  • Nageshwer Reddy Feb-14-2019 07:43:04 AM ( 3 months ago )

    For CBSE class 10 which book is best reference for maths?

  • Apoorva Saxena Feb-14-2019 07:44:37 AM ( 3 months ago )


    Tips to Score More in Class 10 Mathematics:


    Get acquainted with the syllabus – While preparing for Class 10 Mathematics, keep going back to the syllabus. Ensure that you have covered every topic in the syllabus. If there is a topic that you particularly don’t like, at least get acquainted with the basics. Don’t leave out any chapter entirely.

    Plan your studies – Have you ever heard the saying, a good strategy is half the battle won? Well, this is especially true when you are preparing for Class 10 Maths. With a well-defined strategy, you will know how much time you should allot for which chapter.

    Keep time aside for difficult chapters – Once you are through step 1 and 2, you will get an idea about what is there in the syllabus and how much time you need to cover the entire syllabus. Now, as you progress, make a least of chapters/topics that you find rather difficult and set some time aside for them.

    Develop conceptual clarity – Class 10 is the most important year of your academic life, and Mathematics, the most important subject. In almost every stream of Science, Commerce and sometimes even Humanities, you will need to fall back on the concepts of Maths. For cracking competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and AIEEE too, you will need Maths. So, strengthen your basics while you have time.

    Practice your way to perfection – The only way to excel in Maths is via regular and diligent practice. If you are weak in Maths, you will become strong. If you are strong already, then you will get stronger and better with time. The key to scoring well in Class 10 Mathematics is to practice adequately.

    How to Score 100 in Class 10 Mathematics?

    Well, you can skip this section unless you are a Maths ninja; one who is not happy with anything less than a perfect centum. But, don’t ignore this section altogether because Maths is not your most favorite subject.

    Follow at least one or two tips given below to see a remarkable improvement in your performance. Follow all five if you are ambitious, and want to score 100 in Class 10 Maths.

    Get thorough with NCERT textbook – If you want to score well in CBSE Class 10 Maths, you must thoroughly solve the NCERT textbook. There can be no two opinions about the importance of NCERT textbook in Class 10 Maths.

    Follow it up with an RD Sharma/ RS Aggarwal –By solving NCERT, you can score well in Maths. But, you have to put in extra efforts to score a perfect 100. Reference books like RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal have tons and tons of exercise questions. Solve them diligently.

    Maintain a concept register – Make an entry for each chapter that you study. Note down the key concepts, formulas, and illustrations. Then solve sums pertaining to that chapter. Make note of the mistakes you make and jot down comments on the sidelines that will help you later.

    Solve previous year papers – Every year students face a specific set of intrinsic questions in the exam. To fetch maximum marks, students need to get acquainted with these type of questions and should be able to solve them with ease. So solve past year papers to get an idea about the exam paper pattern, the difficulty level of the exams and the type of questions that usually come for CBSE Class 10 Maths.

    Appear for mock tests – Appear for as many mock tests as you can. It will help you check your exam preparedness and rectify mistakes before the real exam. Also, practicing in a time-bound manner will ensure that you finish your paper on time while writing the real exam.

    To sum it up, work hard, study systematically, prepare strategically and practice endlessly. Maths will no longer be a nightmare, if anything, you will discover that Math is fun because it is purely logical and brain teasing. If you keep at it, there’s no way you can’t bag a 100 out of 100 in Maths. Above all, believe in yourself and take good care of your health. All the best!

  • Sophia Chang Feb-14-2019 07:45:51 AM ( 3 months ago )

    These most important Books for classes 9th and 10th.


    Class 9 has far more syllabus than class 8. Class 9 is very important as it lays foundation for your class 10 results. And class 10 (Board Exam) decides your future. To top in your class or to get 90-100 % marks

    Study from NCERT-text books” and “NCERT-Exemplars first, never ever neglect.

    Additionally study from other reference books mentioned here.

    Best Reference Books

    For Science:


    Textbooks by Lakhmir Singh & Manjit Kaur published by S Chand. There are separate books for physics, chemistry and biology.


    Textbooks by Arya Publishing Company


    Physics: Pradeep, contains extra information to higher standards and competitive exams.

    Chemistry: Evergreen 100% success Sample papers.

    Biology: Dinesh publications super-simplified science, refer only for Biology

    Arihant: Try this for revision and practice only.

    Bharti Bhawan Publication book is better if you don't like biology that much.

    For Math:


    Mathematics by R.D.Sharma is the best choice as it provides a platform between the basic NCERT concepts and the few HOTS as asked in competitive exams.


    But in case you find RD Sharma difficult try among these (PK.Garg/Arihant/RS.Agarwal).

    Evergreen 100% success sample papers.

    For Social Science:


    Oswaal's books.


    Kundra n Bawa a help-book of Bharti bhawan publication is having good theory.

    FULL MARKS, Evergreen 100% success sample papers.

    For English: Golden Guide (Lakshmi Publications), Together With or Evergreen.

    For Computer: Arihant all in one

    Hindi: Golden Reference Hindi.

    Sanskrit – Together With

    Sample papers:

    U-like Publisher is sufficient for a student for getting more than 90% marks in CBSE examination.

    ‘Exam idea’ and ‘Together with’ books are useful for all subjects.

    Guide books: JPH Publication, MBD Super Refresher.

  • Dipti Singh Feb-14-2019 07:46:47 AM ( 3 months ago )


    Well I got 10 CGPA in 10th last year so I think I am eligible to answer this question

    1. Get your basics right ,listen to all the classes and write your notes properly.
    2. For geometry type questions , Solving the textbook is more than enough.
    3. For chapter such as progressions you will need to solve some model problems which can be found in previous year’s papers.
    4. At last solve each and every question in the NCERT Textbook and even by mistake don’t skip the optional exercises at the end of some chapters.
    5. There is a ot of time left don’t rush through the syllabus.
    6. At last just remember all the formulas and hope for the best.

    Hope this helped.

  • Lucky Negi Feb-14-2019 07:48:03 AM ( 3 months ago )


    NCERT book is more than enough for class 10 - Its examples and exercises cover all the types of questions

    If after completing NCERT, you want to practice more then below mentioned books would be great for you

    1. RS Aggrawal - This book is known for its huge number of questions. It has numerous questions of the same kind for each topic. This book is recommended if you are looking for practicing the same level of Questions as the NCERT.
    2. RD Sharma - This book is known for its tough and tricky questiond. It has a variety of questions. These questions are said to be the hardest for a 10th standard student. If you are good at maths and looking for challenged, RD Sharma is the book for you.

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