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  • Jai Khanna Feb-12-2019 06:41:40 AM ( 3 months ago )
    • I am using Python to kick of DAG runs using the Airflow (v1.10.1) REST API.
    • The DAG runs appear to be created correctly because I can see them in the GUI as 'running'
    • the execution date is set correctly to what I am passing in. However, all DAG nodes just remain in state "no status" and never start.
    • Is there maybe another config item that I need to pass in? Currently I am only passing in execution date like so:
    parameters = {'execution_date': '2019-02-06'}
    raw_response =, headers=headers, json=parameters)
  • Alice Davidson Feb-12-2019 06:43:06 AM ( 3 months ago )

    Please make sure your Airflow scheduler is running as expected as one of its jobs is to trigger the task instances.

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