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  • Jitender Rawat Jan-04-2019 06:30:48 AM ( 6 months ago )

    My freind joined in a proprietorship manufacturing firm having two units and employing more than 100 employees and workers. In the appointment letter issued to him it mentions that the company can terminate/discontinue his services giving 24 hours notice whereas if the employee wants to leave the job, requires to give a month's notice. It appears the T & C is biased and one sided. Can someone suggest the validity of this T & C

  • Chinky Kashyap Jan-04-2019 06:32:01 AM ( 6 months ago )

    The title of the thred and the content of the question seem to be at variance. Notice period for a probationer and a confirmed employee can be different. But if the notice period mentioned in the post pertains to a confirmed employee, it is certainly biased and cannot stand legal scrutiny in case of any dispute later in this regard.

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