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  • Raj Kishore Mahato Jul-29-2018 07:10:18 AM ( 9 months ago )

    How can i break the interview

  • Aditya Tomar Aug-22-2018 02:04:27 PM ( 9 months ago )

    Hi Raj, 

    Here is some tips for you.

    1. Research the Company.
    2. Be thorough with your CV.
    3. Prepare to answer common questions.
    4. Prepare to ask at least two questions.
    5. Prepare to explain why you'd be a good fit for the company.
    6. Practice answering these questions in different ways.
    7. Be prepared to talk about any career changes you may have had.


  • Raj Kishore Mahato Sep-28-2018 09:56:08 AM ( 7 months ago )

    Thank you!!!

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