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  • Apoorva Saxena Dec-03-2018 05:05:41 AM ( 5 months ago )
  • Sunanda Kashyap Dec-03-2018 05:33:44 AM ( 5 months ago )

    My best suggestion is to start an online business/website and market it. It doesn't take a lot of capital, it will introduce you to the industry, give you a tool to learn with, and be something you can talk about when you're interviewing.

    As for the job you're interviewing for, I'd look to work with an online marketing company that's growing. You could get hired as a PPC account manager - or perhaps as a marketing admin - and work your way up. Agencies are a great place to learn the industry, as you'll get lots of responsibility early, and you'll have a chance to work on a lot of different projects.

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