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  • Raman Tripathi Mar-13-2019 06:59:05 AM ( 2 months ago )

    I have an element: of type ElementFinder. In my UI tests I click this element, but nothing happens. I suspect I click wrong element, that's why I want to check what is clicked and in order to do it I need to see html in debugger.

    I wrote in WebStorm debugger: => {console.log(e)}) but still the result is a promise and I can't find any html.

    Question: How do I get html of that element, not a Promise, but a string?

  • Kajal Gaur Mar-13-2019 07:01:03 AM ( 2 months ago )

    Several ways to identify the element that you are trying to access.

    let elementLocator: ElementFinder;

    To get the tagName: use await elementLocator.getTagName() so this will return the tag name of the element.

    To get the particular Attribute of the element: use await elementLocator.getAttribute('class') //if you want the class name of the locator. You can use the same to get all the locator attributes.

    Note: All the above returns only as a string.

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