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  • Pooja Bhardwaj Nov-30-2018 07:18:52 AM ( 5 months ago )

    I love math and physics. Which career should I choose?

  • Vanshika Bhatt Nov-30-2018 07:21:31 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Hii Pooja,

    Maths and physics are the perfect combination.Math is said to be the medium of expressing other languages specially physics. Just look at the fact that all our great scientists were wonders in mathematics.

    You can do MSc in phy from a reputed institute like iit,iisc etc.You can go for PhD,enter in research line etc…You can even apply in isro,nasa etc.

    At present your focus should be of improving our concepts in physics,mathematics. Improve your problem solving skills..but this does means you should neglect your others subjects…Because your 12 board percentage will paly a major role in your admission to any of the reputed colleges..

  • Deepak Parmar Nov-30-2018 07:22:41 AM ( 5 months ago )

    I would recommend choosing PCM… physics, chemistry, Maths and if you really love it you would fall in love with it. Be careful if you dont really like it you would fail as there is alot of competition and scope is less if you are not good at something. However I do not consider studies more benefited if you have talent you can do anything. But still you need to gain knowledge and you would fulfill all your dreams.

  • Raman Tripathi Nov-30-2018 07:23:21 AM ( 5 months ago )

    So Pooja, you are in 10th and you say you love physics and maths but that is not enough for a person to decide his future. Firstly, you should complete your 11th and 12th there you will encounter with various fields and aspects of these domains, so that you can better choose your course for UG level. If you love maths and phy, I think you will not go for courses like bca, hotel management, nda, b.pharm, bbs, scra, merchant navy, bba, barch, or bplan but will go for btech or bsc. And so you have to choose whether a technical and application based btech or research and theory based bsc.

  • Arminder Gill Nov-30-2018 07:24:31 AM ( 5 months ago )

    If you like math more than physics then go for major in mathematics.

    But if you like physics then go for it, but remember you must have very strong higher mathematics interest and strength for going far in physics.

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