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Any particular aspect of the tech world that has consistent interview processes?

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Naveen Shastri


( 7 months ago )

I am a JavaScript developer as well as Linux Systems Administrator, but don't necessarily have more experience in one over the other.

As I gain more experience in my craft, specifically my application development side, I am starting to get frustrated with the lack of consistency in the interview process in the tech field.

For the latest experience, I passed every single round they put me through, pre-screen, technical interview, coding challenge and team interview and then I was given some type of emotional and motivational assessments.

I am guessing its because I am still a tie with another candidate, not sure.

I know of some colleagues that say this is why they only apply at well known tech companies, but then you have the problem of everyone applying for the same jobs at the same company and I don't believe in generalizations.

Would anyone say there is an aspect of the tech field where this kind of Wild West show does not exist? Where hiring practices are more consistent? If I focused more on the set of skills as a SysAdmin would I experience more stability in the hiring process on that track?

Vanshika Bhatt


( 7 months ago )

I have been interviewed by big companies and small companies, I have also conducted interviews at most of those companies.

My experience is that in many of those situations the people doing part x of the interview have zero training for that part. We are handed a resume and asked to do a phone screen. We are sent the resume and the job description the night before conducting a face to face interview; which we were selected to do because we were available. In some cases we are involved in all the candidate interviews for the position in other cases we are only doing this one.

I don't think you will find a job type, industry, or field that the companies can agree what parts should be in the hiring process.

I don't think that there is any standard way of completing the hiring process. I have never participated in a whiteboard coding challenge, or any homework assignments. I have never seen a psychological test used. Even background checks and drug tests haven't been done consistently. I have never reviewed any GitHub accounts not has anybody ever asked if I have one. The interviews have ranged from non-technical to extremely technical. Some were for office staff, but others were developers, engineers, or were published scientists.

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