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Can I ask for a signing bonus to buy a laptop instead of getting a company-owned laptop? [closed]

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( 6 months ago )


I am joining a company soon. They are insisting on buying me a new laptop (but they don't have to; it's my choice, and they are also completely fine with it). For personal reasons, I don't like using company laptops, so I will not agree to it (because basically they are loaning it to me, and it's company property).

My personal laptop is too old, and I was also planning on buying a new laptop. So I was thinking of suggesting that they give me a signing bonus (only if they want) so I can buy a new laptop for myself (owner is me in this case).


  • I am completely fine if they say no. I am happy to use my old laptop. Or I will later buy whatever is in my budget.

  • I am also fine with conditions like "If I quit in x months, I have to pay for it in full."

Now I am wondering whether it is a reasonable suggestion. Will I sound greedy if I suggest this as a signing bonus? (They are offering no signing bonus at all.)

Update: Thanks for the advice about security risks. I am aware of them, but it's my final decision to not use a company laptop, and I don't want to discuss it further. I also have used my personal laptop at work before. The company I will be working with will be a small startup, and they have no IT policy or anything else. They will just buy it and give it to me as-is for work.

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