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Can I ask HR to put me on a PIP? [closed]

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( 6 months ago )


Two months ago, I joined to a new IT company with negative feedback from my previous manager, as a full-time tester.

During these 2 months, I have been working part-time for 3 weeks (4h/day) in a project. But, after 2 months, I have received super negative feedback from my team lead which I was addressed such as false-promisingdeceivingrude, and untrustworthy. And after that feedback, I was excluded from that project, and I have not been participating in any other project.

We had a meeting with the team lead and HR separately and I explained to them the situation and what I have done. It seems that my explanations convinced HR, but the lead. Now, HR conducts a meeting, and asked both of us to make a summary about my last 2 months' work in the company.

I am quite sure, I have done whatever I could for my team and this feedback is unfair. I am new in the company, and I am trying to do my best as much as I can. I am confident that I might rarely make a mistake 2 times. So, in my point of view, some part of problem was that the team lead did not provide me proper information.

However, I do not like to be insulted with these words in my workplace. Later, I asked the lead about why he has talked with me in this way?, and he said:

A top manager in company has asked him to be harsh with me, because I had a negative feedback from my previous employer.

HR was saying that the email which I received was a feedback to learn about my mistakes, but the team lead was insisting that it was mostly an official warning. The company is flat and I do not understand who is whose superior here. But I know that the team lead has zero experience as a team lead. He just took the charge, just at the time when I joined the company.

As a suggestion for this problem, I would like to ask HR to clearly define the performance metricsand the performance measurement method.

The benefit would be:

  1. I will clearly understand what I have done wrong.
  2. There would be no more harsh words, and I will not say the feedback is biased. Actually, I am offended by the words which are used in the feedback and I want to make sure, it will not happen again.

I have 4 questions:

  1. Is it possible to ask HR to define the performance metrics and the performance measurement method?

  2. Is a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) the thing, which I am looking for?

  3. Is voluntarily asking for PIP like committing professional suicide?

  4. What would be your reaction if your employee asked for a PIP?



( 6 months ago )

It's unlikely that HR knows enough about your job/responsibilities/project to define appropriate metrics for performance and acceptance.

You need to speak with your team lead about how you can move forwards in a postive way (for you, the team, and for the project involved). Ask about how you can improve and to what extent you need to be mentored.

Don't ask for a PIP as that goes on your HR record and it's an admission of your failure.

It's your team lead's responsibility to ensure that the team is working as effectively as possible, so ask him for help.


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