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Can I ask “Is there anything that I can do to increase my chance of getting the job?”?

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( 6 months ago )

Is it good idea to ask the following question in a job interview?

is there anything that I can do to increase my chance of getting the job?

One time he told me "The test task is very important for us" and I found it helpful But I wonder if it has a bad effect!



( 6 months ago )

You can always ask the slightly more generic or aspirational version of this question:

"What would your ideal candidate look like?" if you want to know about theoretical skills. or "What would your ideal candidate bring to your team?" if you want to know about the social / managerial / leadership skills.

Another possible option is to ask through the negative:

"What gaps do you have in the team that you are trying to fill with this position?"


"Where do you see this project in 5 years' time? What role do you see this post in getting you there?"

Always needs a bit of customisation depending upon the skillset being looked for - technical roles being different to managerial / leadership roles, and startups being different to multinationals etc.

Clearly your job then is to shape your interview responses or further conversation around how you fit those models.

what's your interest