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Consequences for contractor of bypassing recruitment agency [closed]

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( 5 months ago )



I have given a recruitment agency in the UK permission to represent me with a previous employer of mine, a company which I worked for and left 2 years ago.

The recruitment agency introduced me to the company and they saw on my CV that I had already worked for them, and decided to contact me directly as they had my details on file.

This company I worked for ended up making an offer and I accepted it, knowing we were bypassing the recruitment agency because I was already known to the them (the company).

The recruitment agency is threatening to take legal action against the company and advising me that I shouldn't accept the role as to avoid getting involved in this legal mess. I believe they might be trying to scare me and put pressure on me to persuade the company use the recruiters and pay the feeds. The company, however, is relaxed and said the situation is not unheard of, and there is nothing for me to worry about.

My question is - what I am liable for by accepting this role directly from the company, when I have given the recruitment agency the right to represent me with them (albeit informally and only be email)?

Am I likely to find myself in legal trouble for simply accepting the role?

Not sure how much difference it makes, but I have not worked with the recruitment agency before and it was them who approached me. Also, I'm a contractor, operating through my limited company.

Thanks in advance!



( 5 months ago )

You are unlikely to face any real consequences legally.

Most companies include in their contract with outside staffing agencies that the company has no claims about previous or current employees that they present to the company, or candidates that have been presented to them by other means in the last 12 months(this number varies). Assuming you advised the recruiter of the fact that you had worked for this company previously, then the staffing agency is probably having little or no claim against the company.

However, accepting the position will probably burn the bridge with the staffing agency. If you are in a market with many agencies, and this agency is not a particularly generous with their remuneration, this is probably not a big deal. If they are one of the better companies to work with you may want to consider taking some action to keep your relationship with the agency on good terms.

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