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Fired for inappropriate behavior. How to handle resume and future jobs? [duplicate]

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( 6 months ago )


This question already has an answer here:

So a month ago I was forced from my job for inappropriate behavior. I am still claiming that it didnt happen... so essentially someone I was working training at the time was placing claims about me into HR. They started off as dumb like she texted me for help then I texted her back with instructions she filed an hr complaint. I needed to know someones salary (our new hr guy) he told me a high number so I told him I would have to confirm that. She reported it and it was thrown out. One day she 'adjusted her bra strap' but instead of moving it from outside her clothes she dragged her top to the side exposing her bra and breast I ask her what she was doing because i was in the middle of showing her something she asked me to she answered adjusting herself i pretended it didnt happen and continued to show her what she needed. I then was in hr when I found out about the prior complaints and she said I called her boobs 'jiggly'. I denied it ever happen and followed instructions to

A) always have my future interactions with the associate documented B) always have someone trustworthy around when we spoke

I was told that it was her word against mine so I no longer worried. The next day she kept trying to get me one on one and I refused and also made a complaint.

I then was dragged into a room and was told some manager (I dont remember one being around at the time) backed her story and was fired.

So now on my future resumes what is the best way to handle this? And going forward, what is the best way to handle associates that are passive aggressive?



( 6 months ago )


Taking the information given in your comments into account, simply don't mention the HR problem in any resume or interview if not explicitely prompted for it.

You write that the environment was toxic and chaotic and "The term rate is generally after four months." That is enough explanation for a short employement period in an interview. Don't put the focus on you (terminated due to HR complains) but on the company (toxic environment, average termination time about 4 months).

Now to the second question:

And going forward in future jobs what is the best way to handle associates that are passive aggressive?

The good news is that in a good working environment you usually have much less of these problems, but since they depend on the personality of the employees you are never quite safe from them.

  • Make a good first impression for everyone. Smile, greet your celleagues and be friendly. That way you defuse trouble before it arises and you make yourself less of a target (who would want to target the nice guy?).
  • If possible, don't interact with troublemakers. They usually complain about anyone and anything, so you should have no problem spotting them.
  • If you must interact with them, stay professional, neutral and objective. Don't give them the impression you're flirting (too friendly) or targeting them (too unfriendly).
  • If they complain about you, try to defuse by asking them personally what you've done wrong. Either you can explain that you didn't mean anything bad or they see that you're trying to be better.
  • If things escalate and HR gets involved, don't accept any blame for any actions you didn't do. Recall the events as objectively as possible. Try to create a paper trail and have witnesses around.

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