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How can I explain away job-hopping 3 jobs in a year?

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Shalini Jaiswal


( 7 months ago )

I was working in an IT company as a developer, then I got chance to work in an MNC company as a DBA, so I joined the new company.

After a week, they said DBA means "data analyser". I felt that I was cheated by them, thinking it meant "database administrator", so I quit that job in a week, and I joined a new company.

Now, my salary is low and there are no new opportunities. Also, my sir is going abroad, so my job is insecure. So I want to quit this job, but when I went for an interview, they were concerned that I had changed 3 jobs in a year, which created a bad impression.

What reason should I tell them?

Atul Kasana


( 7 months ago )


Why do you feel compelled to list a job that only lasted two weeks?

A resume is not a legal document. It is an advertisement. When you list your qualifications, typically listing job experience is a part of that. You are under no compulsion to list all of them. If you need to explain a large gap, that's a thing, but assuming the gap is short, you are probably best off never mentioning it all.

Now, you are down to two jobs in a year and a small gap- may not be great, but it is fewer questions to answer.

*Clarification, based on a good comment. If, after you have gotten through the interview, and been given a job, you may be asked to complete an application that says "Please list all jobs." If you are feeling particularly supercilious, you should probably list it at that time - on the off chance somebody decides to do a full life audit. At worst, the hiring manager may ask, "What's this?" You say: "It's a job I held for two weeks. It really wasn't worth mentioning, because ..." and you then explain. The resume is about the first impression here - the application comes when it is pretty much a done deal.

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