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How can I professionally change circumstances so I no longer work with a convicted rapist?

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Shreya Bansal


( 6 months ago )

One of my colleagues was convicted of rape and served several years in prison in the 90s.

I discovered this purely by chance and have since confirmed that it's definitely, 100% true. I don't think that the company is aware of his conviction, although I have no way of telling.

I don't want to work with him or even see him anymore due to my own strongly held feelings on the subject (wife was sexually assaulted, young daughters), and I'm wondering how best accomplish this in a professional manner.

I accept that some will see my inability to work with this person as evidence of unprofessionalism and I can understand this, however I personally feel that this is a special circumstance and also indicative of a failure of company HR policy on multiple levels.

I don't think I can work with this person anymore. How can I change my circumstances to avoid continued working with this individual in a professional manner?

Jadav Payeng


( 6 months ago )

I don't think I can work with this person anymore. How can I deal with this in a professional manner?

The obvious solution is to find a new job, accept it, and quit this one. Alternatively, you can ask for a transfer within your company, to a location where you wouldn't have to work with this individual.

If your motivation is solely to no longer work with this person, those actions will clearly solve your problem. You get to decide how strong your motivation is.

On the other hand, if your motivation is punishment (beyond that already provided by the legal system), revenge, vigilantism, or something else, I wouldn't know what to suggest.

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