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How should I explain that I'm looking for a job because my employer may be shutting down?

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( 5 months ago )

I'm working for a company "A" that was recently acquired by a larger company "B". There are some rumors that company "B" will shut us down and most employees will have to find somewhere else to work.

I decided to play it safely and find another job before it's too late. However, I know for sure that any coming interview will have the following logical question:

"Why are you leaving your old company?"

Is it bad to tell the truth? Will the new employer take advantage of my need for the new job?

Is it better to just say "I want to move on with my career" or "I am looking for a better offer"?

What's the most professional answer and attitude to take in this kind of situation?



( 5 months ago )

Acquisitions are always beset with huge uncertainty. I can't imagine in this circumstance that anyone would have a problem with you indicating that the acquisition makes your career path no longer clear and that you're proactively exploring options (Of course the obvious follow-up question will require you to articulate your intended career path).

It is the responsibility of the leadership during an acquisition to clearly communicate to top-talent that their positions are "safe" and what their new roles will be as soon as possible. If they don't do this it could mean their own heads are on the block or that they've resigned to cutting huge numbers of positions.

Whatever the case, try not to be on the ship when it sinks. No one would expect you to do that (you won't get a medal :-)) and if you do stay until the lights are turned off, then you'll have to answer the much harder question of why you didn't/couldn't leave earlier?

Good luck!

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