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How to ask a multinational company if a job offer is not a scam?

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Jasmin Bhasin


( 6 months ago )


I was following a job lead in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Finally they offered me a huge package. After receiving the offer letter, I informed my family. Someone in my family start putting doubts in my head and I thoroughly searched on the internet and on one blog I found that there is some kind of a job scam going on.

Here are some points which makes it more suspicious:

  1. Someone is communicating with me on the behalf of that company, but using a GMail account.
  2. I am asked to pay for the Work Permit to work in the UAE "as per company Policy" (As I was looking into UAE jobs, UAE rules state that all work-permit expenses should be handled by the employer).
  3. The contact phone numbers given by that HR person is the same as listed on the multinational company's website (Oil and Gas).
  4. When I googled it, I found two companies with the same initial name. In the contract, the email of one company is being used and the logo of another company. I searched google to see if they are a group of companies and found that one is an Oil and gas company and the other one is Construction company.

Note: From both companies' websites, I have found their official emails.

Also note that I applied for the job from a job website after googling the company and from there I got the response from the gmail account on behalf of actual company.

After exchanging a couple of emails, I got a form to fill, and after a couple of days, I got this job offer.

Q1. How should I contact them whether this job offer is legitimate or not?
Q2. Should I forward them the email with the contract I received for confirmation? 
Q3. How can I keep myself safe from possible job scams?

Alex Wilson


( 6 months ago )

Yes, definitely contact them by way of their officially published email address.

Use an email header that is to the point and attracts attention, like "I received this job offer. Is it really from you or is someone misrepresenting you?"

You can respectfully ask them for verification because there are some facts that you consider suspect, and someone attended you to other scams in their name. Name these facts. Write something positive like you would very much like to work for them, but that you are afraid the offer you got is a scam.

They will want to know if someone is misrepresenting them. And yes, include the 'contract'.

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