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how to ask for more time when given a job offer

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( 5 months ago )

I have recently been offered a new role at a new company based in the UK, the package is good, the role is good however there is one dilemma I face.

Myself and my partner have been discussing moving to Australia for a little while and both liked the idea of it.

The UK company offered me the contact today and have emailed already (6 hours later) asking it if the contract is ok and if I am ready to move forward (the contract is only 4 pages long so it's difficult to say I need time to read it)

How can I tell my new potential employer to wait for at least a week without seeming disrespectful as myself and my partner now have to make a decision that could swing either way and need time.




( 5 months ago )


I think the moving to Australia part is irrelevant here.

Simplifying this, my understanding is you have a job offer, but it conflicts with something else you may want to do, but haven't decided on yet. Perhaps you're just under stress from these two decisions, but this isn't really all that complicated.

So simplifying the situation, just ask for more time. Review the offer, determine if the terms are acceptable or not, then respond. Assuming the offer is acceptable, simply respond with something like this:

Hello Acme Corporation,

I have reviewed the offer, and I am satisfied with the terms of the contract. However, as this is a big decision, I need to discuss this with my family and need some extra time. I will let you know by -insert date here- whether or not I will accept.

If the terms are off, you would just send a counter-offer, which will buy you some additional time. When they are agreed upon by both parties, it's the same situation. I'll let you know my decision by next Wednesday or however much time you need.

It's highly unlikely a week will turn off the employer. They want you to join. A week is a small amount of time in the big picture. I wouldn't go much beyond a week, as that's not really fair to the employer.

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