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Is my manager really on vacation or could this be related to being investigated? [closed]

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Jasmin Bhasin


( 6 months ago )


Note: I'm already seeking employment elsewhere, please no advice on that

Almost a month ago, my PM gave me a PIP and a final warning. No warning given prior. I kept extensive notes of conversations and events; combined with emails corroborating my documentation, I was able to give compelling evidence that my PM was attempting to put false, negative statements on my employee record, presumably to terminate me. I submitted this to our HR hotline.

HR initially said they wanted to focus on mediation between my boss and I, insisting they would turn the PIP into a first warning, nothing serious, you guys can get past this, you can get along again (and, in my still irritated opinion, glossing over the whole "I have detailed evidence that contradicts nearly every statement levied against me, while the PM in question keeps stating they were far too busy to write down/remember the details of the things they were accusing me of because unlike some people they have many things to do" part). They said they would be in touch in a week.

It's been four.

I've sent two emails asking for updates but no one has responded. Additionally I've noted that during this 4 week period, my boss, previously one who bragged about never taking PTO even in December, has all but disappeared - every time she's scheduled to be on-site, she's sick or her mom's sick or another contractor needs her that day.

Is it possible she's under investigation because I filed a complaint? I do not know how HR investigations work or whether an investigation would impact my boss's immediate ability to work but the radio silence from HR and the slow disappearance of PM is gives me a lot to wonder about.

Wish I had insight to what's going on up there

what's your interest