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Job offers - How to figure out if it's a soft job offer, or not an offer at all?

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Charles Kyobe


( 7 months ago )


I have interviewed with a tech firm, and had a final interview already. After the final interview, the HR calls me the same day asking how I felt about the numerous interviews, the entire process, and whether I feel that the role is right after speaking with the team. I told them yes I enjoyed the process and want the role.

They then asked if I do have other offers from other companies or am I at a late stage of interviews with other firms, to which I replied yes there are a few other firms which I am interviewing with at late stages, and also am at a late stage with a different role in the same firm.

HR then tells me because the entire interview process was so quick (~1 week), and that they want me to have a good think about the role, that I take the time to reflect, consider the role, and review if this is the right opportunity. They have allowed me to have a few days to think through and make my decision.

After the call, I get an email:

  1. Reiterating the point that I should reflect and review if this is the right opportunity,
  2. and they also put in some time for a Skype call in the next couple of days to have a telephone discussion.
  3. Lastly, they mentioned if I am keen to proceed after points 1) and 2) , a separate team will reach out to me with a list of on boarding documents.

Can I take this as a Soft Offer pending as to whether I negotiate and accept the terms of the offer (which I haven't been given yet verbally or in writing)?

Shreya Bansal


( 7 months ago )

If you have not signed an employment contract you do not have the job. Soft offer, no offer, it doesn't matter. Until both of you sign on that dotted line you do not have the job, negotiations are still going on even if they don't seem like it. Don't close the doors to other opportunities. Don't give notice at your current job. Get them to give you a contract.

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